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Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series report: Laboring over labor – minimum wage, coworking and other workforce trends (access required)

Introduction With the unemployment rate throughout the U.S. at 4 percent and Idaho’s rate at 2.6 percent as of December, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain top employees for their organizations. It’s a battle for talent, ...

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Breakfast Series report – Urban in Idaho: Smart planning for future growth (access required)

Introduction Idaho is growing fast, by some counts faster than any other state, and the growth is concentrated in the southwestern counties. The population boom brings prosperity, change and challenges. For instance, this summer, the median price for Canyon and ...

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Breakfast Series report – Power of Choice: Energy in Idaho

photo of transmission lines

Introduction Idaho has long enjoyed the benefit of low power costs. As the Treasure Valley’s population grows, Idaho utilities are looking for ways to keep up with the growth and to keep power affordable. Researchers, interest groups and utilities are ...

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Breakfast Series report: Ida-Go! Tourism in Idaho

Introduction Hundreds of thousands of people visit Idaho each year to hike, hunt, fish, bicycle, swim, and carry out other recreational activities. Tourism and travel in Idaho is a $4.5 billion industry that employs about 29,000 Idahoans. At IBR’s breakfast ...

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Breakfast Series report: Agriculture in Idaho

Agriculture contributes $3 billion to Idaho’s economy, making up 5 percent of the total state gross domestic product. Idaho is ranked first in the nation in the production of potatoes and barley, and fourth in the nation for milk and ...

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Breakfast Series report: Money matters

Introduction: Banking and financial services have experienced tremendous growth and change in the last decade as the nation has recovered from the recession and has implemented new rules for governing lenders. Leaders of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions ...

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Breakfast Series report: Data security

Cybersecurity Data breaches are on the rise, with 780 reported in 2015 and 1,093 in 2016, according to Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout. Globally, the attacks are costing us hundreds of billions of dollars every year, with experts estimating ...

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Breakfast Series report: Small business and regulation

Introduction: Managing regulation State and federal regulation is a fact of life in small business. Even before the business gets off the ground, entrepreneurs need to be knowledgeable about the implications of choosing a business structure,  sophisticated about choosing a ...

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Breakfast Series report: A rapidly evolving retail landscape 

Introduction: Managing change online and on the ground Boise has made its way to the national radar when it comes to retail. Where once it used to be one of the last states considered for expansions, now it’s getting some ...

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