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Underemployment statistics sour unemployment news (access required)

The Idaho Department of Labor got to share a bit of good news when it reported that June’s unemployment dropped – albeit slightly – to 7.7 percent in June. But the department also reported some not-so-good news this month: The ...

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Success at a new level requires learning new skills

The skills needed for success at one level in an organization do not necessarily qualify you to be successful at the next. For example, promoting your best salesperson to sales manager is not always a good idea, because not only ...

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Cost segregation study can mean cash flow savings

Q: My family owns and operates a small winery in the northern part of the state. We are considering building a new building that would include a tasting room, manufacturing facilities and office space. What are the tax savings opportunities ...

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Ten Universal Principles of the Workplace

What principles guide your workplace? Economies can change, customers can change, and so can the products and services we offer. But the principles that create an excellent workplace should be based on universal truths that don’t change. A number of ...

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Supreme Court decision means lots of work for employers this summer

Many employers were holding their breath for the Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The decision to uphold the law means that employers who provide health insurance have some very specific rules they must adhere ...

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Talking Tax: Plan now for impending tax changes

Q: I have heard that the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare will mean people without health insurance will pay more in taxes. How will this new tax work? A: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the Health ...

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Cooperation is the best way to provide care

As Medicare tightens its belt, it continues to cut down on fraud, waste and abuse. It’s a strategy taxpayers can get behind, as we all want to see our money used efficiently. But for suppliers of durable medical equipment, Medicare’s recoupment ...

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Newsletters can be valuable to company culture (access required)

After a couple of years of nonstop acquisition activity, a company I’ve been working with is stopping to ask, “Are we doing all we can to make new employees feel welcome? Do these folks feel comfortable in the new company ...

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