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Promoting alternative transportation for workers

The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in Idaho is nearing $4 a gallon – providing an overwhelming hit to the average household’s monthly budget. Not only do higher gas prices increase the cost of an employee’s daily commute to ...

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Are credit unions relevant in offering full services today?

While many consumers still see credit unions as small financial institutions that offer a narrow range of products, such as basic savings accounts and auto loans, the expansion of products and services embraced by credit unions today is much broader. ...

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ETFs not just for riverboat gamblers

One might suspect that riverboat gamblers would favor exchange-traded funds as their investment of choice. If they felt lucky about gold, for example, they’d be enjoying the 29 percent gain that the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) ETF has provided over ...

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How much did that meeting just cost?

In the average-size business office, meetings cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year when you calculate the hourly rate of each individual sitting around the table. Meetings also contribute to poor morale when they’re not run well. If one ...

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Hire, train and retain great employees

Announcing my own stimulus package: A complimentary e-book on how to hire, train, and retain great employees. Many people are looking for work, so how do employers select the best applicant? With zero strings or obligations (I don’t even ask ...

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