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What PTC Index says about local housing market

Every day, we are inundated with news reports about the housing market. (It’s up. It’s down. It’s down again.) While there is all sorts of information out there, it can be difficult to navigate through the seemingly never-ending supply of ...

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Gains by women in workforce not enough

A recent report by the White House shows women are making great strides in the workforce, yet they still have a long way to go before their salaries and leadership roles are equal to that of their male counterparts. The ...

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Energy, construction stocks looking good

While there are solid prospects for stocks of engineering and construction firms in 2011, they won’t come from efforts to rebuild a devastated Japan. The primary drivers will be high oil prices, general economic revival and U.S. government spending programs. ...

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Of gigabytes, words and a coherent view of life

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, commenting on the world’s digital information explosion made this statement: “There was five exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days.” With ...

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Gas tank wins over retirement savings

Idaho gas prices were up another $0.06 gallon the last week of March, according to AAA of Idaho. “Investors have been reacting to volatility including war, natural disasters, Japan’s nuclear problems, and the European debt crisis,” said AAA Idaho spokesman ...

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