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If I’d bet on old Stewball, I’d be a free man today (access required)

I let someone with experience and a track record manage my mutual fund. When I buy individual stocks (not often), I think of it more as the afternoon’s Daily Double than an investment. And I play accordingly, with just the ...

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Is it ever okay to be angry in the workplace?

No doubt you’ve seen anger-based emotional outbursts. Sometimes the outbursts are just that – outbursts. A quick release of emotion combined with a loud voice and/or the slamming of a door. But sometimes anger is a prolonged hostility, full of ...

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Darren Currin: Two big deals have industry abuzz (access required)

Two big commercial real estate deals that were announced Feb. 28 have the national industry abuzz with heightened confidence in the industry’s ongoing recovery. Blackstone Group LP announced its plans to acquire $9.4 billion of shopping centers located in the ...

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Engage your customers or die

If you haven’t already, it’s well past time to wake up to the reality that “this isn’t your father’s marketplace anymore.” Consumers are in control and you’re not. They consume your advertising messages when, where and how they want to. ...

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I haven’t even started to figure out what to do with Charlie Sheen (access required)

The United States has frozen $30 billion of the assets of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, hoping tighter credit will shut him down like an under-reserved community bank. Our friends around the world have done the same. Even the Swiss have ...

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If it’s Tuesday, this must be Boise (access required)

I’m visiting Boise. That means I get to engage in a favorite pastime, the unnamed hobby that has something to do with collecting people. Not in a Jeffrey Dahmer kind of way, you understand; more a Dorothy Parker kind of ...

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Find this year’s strategy in last year’s return

The best research for formulating your 2011 investment strategy is readily available. It is your 2010 tax return. By taking a line-by-line look at what worked and what didn’t over the past year, you can determine how to invest to your ...

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