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Be wary of the documents behind the construction contract (access required)

Adam Richins Contract exhibits can be longer and more complicated than the actual contract. Exhibits commonly contain drawings and specifications, scope of work descriptions, insurance requirements, schedules, confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, and other important documents. Yet, in far too many ...

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Some suggestions on using social media

If your company is still struggling to decide whether or not to engage in social media, consider some of these statistics. Neilsen NetRatings reports 80 percent of American homes now have computers. Of those, 92 percent are connected to the ...

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Management lessons from the Gulf disaster

We are currently witnessing the worst man-made disaster on planet Earth. Sadly, it was preventable – if the managers involved had been more level-headed. But now that the mistakes have been made, what lessons can we learn? My purpose here ...

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Learning from the past to enhance the future

In last month’s column, “How ‘sticky’ is the Boise Valley?” Ben Quintana discussed the Next Leaders Survey that was recently commissioned by the Boise Young Professionals. Its purpose is to assist our organization with determining how we’re progressing toward achieving ...

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Is there hidden power in math?

When I have more money than I need (which these days seems farther away than it did a few years ago), I want to travel around the world and speak to high school freshmen and sophomores. Ninth and tenth graders. ...

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