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3 steps to improving sales on your Web

Improving sales on your Web site is actually really simple. It’s a three step formula I have been focusing on and working towards: The number of customers (your marketing) X your average transaction (increase this with upsells and cross sells) ...

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Las Vegas a bargain for business events

If you’re planning an annual sales celebration – or having a convention, or having a corporate retreat, or all three – Las Vegas is now the best value in America. Vegas (one could argue) also has the best food, the ...

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How’s your business writing?

I’ve been working with my neighborhood association to pull together new CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions). Needless to say, it’s not a sexy project. What I noticed as I spent the weekend reviewing bylaws, articles of incorporation and other legal ...

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Commentary: What is ‘actual cash value?’

Focus on Insurance Every homeowner’s and business owner’s policy of insurance issued in Michigan provides that the insurer shall make payment of a property loss based on the “actual cash value” of the property. Some policies have defined actual cash ...

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‘Over the hill’ – and hired!

Your teenager reminds you of it every day. Not overtly, mind you. Nothing’s mentioned straight out, but the eye rolls and heavy sighs say it loud and clear: hands-down, she thinks you’re old and out of touch. And you can ...

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Can you make people listen?

During a recent workshop on how to achieve management excellence, an interesting conversation emerged while discussing workplace communications. It all started when one of the participants asked, “How do you make people listen?” As you might imagine, everyone in the ...

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