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Property management as a litmus test for the economy

Tammy Cox, of Cushman & Wakefield Commerce in Boise, Idaho

Whenever I see a frog, I can’t help but smile. Frogs are considered to be “nature’s litmus,” a test of a healthy, well-balanced ecosystem. Sitting right in the middle of the food chain, frogs are quite sensitive to the environment and can ...

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Respond right away to IRS correspondence (access required)

Q: I recently received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service saying I did not report all my income. I know I reported everything, so can I just ignore the letter or do I have to respond? I really don’t ...

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Companies win when they focus on retirement savings

Gas prices inched up at the start of June to $3.79 a gallon in Idaho, according to AAA Oregon/Idaho. When considering whether to put extra dollars into their gas tank or into their 401(k), many individuals and families think they ...

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Temporary workers may or may not be independent contractors (access required)

Q: Over the next few months our company is going to need some extra help. This is only a temporary situation, so we don’t want to hire a new regular employee and go through the process of offering benefits, direct ...

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Give everyone a fair shot at being recognized

Attraction and retention are top of mind for company leaders. As unemployment falls, new opportunities present themselves to an organization’s best and brightest. One way your company can ignite new enthusiasm in the workplace is through an employee recognition program. ...

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Sale of rented home may be taxable (access required)

Q: A couple years ago my husband and I bought a new home. Because the real estate market was so depressed, we rented our old house. Now we have an offer to sell the house. We are concerned we will ...

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Navigating the fog of health care reform

Last month, a group of employers asked me to talk them through what they need to think about when communicating to employees about health care reform. Members of the Employers Health Coalition of Idaho are a thoughtful group who want ...

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In-field job search expenses may be deductible (access required)

Q: I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my current position at my company and am considering looking for a new job. Is any of the money I will need to pay to conduct my job search deductible on my tax ...

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