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With construction booming, where are all the workers? (access required)

General contractors admit that the most challenging issue on a job site today is finding qualified workers. Contractors expect labor shortages to remain difficult until the industry and its partners, especially educators and legislators, can offer workers more access to ...

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Why it’s essential to prepare for due diligence (access required)

At last, we have a handshake with the buyer and have just agreed to the key deal points by signing a written Letter of Intent (LOI). While the attorneys begin to prepare the purchase agreements and schedules, pointing toward a ...

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You got a bad review online? Some tips on how to handle it (access required)

Negative online reviews may be hard for small businesses to avoid — even companies with many happy customers can get panned. Marketing consultants, who help companies keep a positive image, say owners should never ignore a bad review, and instead ...

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Should we allow after-tax contributions into our 401(k) plan?

Are you looking for a way to allow employees to contribute more to your company’s sponsored 401(k) plan? Do you have employees who would start contributing or increase their contributions to the plan if they had immediate access to their ...

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Business owners need to teach staffers about password safety (access required)

It may seem obvious: Companies’ computers, mobile devices and accounts need secure passwords. But many small business owners don’t take the time to educate staffers about these very basic forms of cybersecurity. And staffers may not know that their passwords ...

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Collaboration is a key to profitability (access required)

Creating a culture of collaboration is hard work and especially hard in law firms. Think about it, attorneys are trained to argue their points of view! When you add working in an adversarial system fraught with demanding schedules and heavy ...

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