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C-suite employment contract clauses in the wake of Weinstein (access required)

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has struck a nerve in American society and empowered individuals to speak out about sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace. The nation appears to be at a tipping point, with revelations of sexual harassment allegations ...

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Employers can address opioid crisis in workplace (access required)

As an employer and human resource professional, I see the difficulties of running a business from many perspectives. Challenges seem never-ending and come from every direction, including employees’ personal lives. Drug abuse, especially opioid addiction, is a rapidly growing challenge ...

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When workplace diversity is missing, productivity suffers (access required)

I am a white woman who grew up in a variety of poor and working class multicultural communities, and whose family, in several iterations, has been interracial (e.g., black stepfather, black/Puerto Rican step-siblings; Cuban ex-husband; Latin children). As a 4-year-old, ...

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How promotions are handled can make or break company culture (access required)

A promotion presents a public reward and affirmation for the person promoted, of course—and it’s a powerful opportunity to promote workplace values and culture. When done right and granted to deserving team members, promotions can motivate your entire team and ...

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Report: Law firms should invest in business development, technology (access required)

Since the economic downturn in 2008, law firms of all sizes have struggled — and most have failed — to maintain profits at levels existing prior to the market’s near-collapse. During that same timeframe, technology has advanced at unprecedented rates, ...

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Another business day, another government mandate in Oregon (access required)

Paid family leave. It’s yet another hot-button issue at the intersection of business and state and federal government that will yet again change the employer-employee relationship. The issue has made national headlines as President Trump, in last month’s State of ...

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How equipment leasing is affected by the new tax laws (access required)

According to the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association, in 2018 businesses are expected to make their largest capital investments since 2012. Driving this activity is an increase in business confidence, a strong global economy and, yes, the first tax overhaul ...

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Employers can take action to halt harassment (access required)

Although many of the accused harassers and victims who have come forward so far are high-profile Hollywood stars, business executives and politicians, these very public reports are creating a ripple effect that shows no sign of slowing. As a result, ...

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A lawyer’s checklist for starting a project in a strong position (access required)

The start of construction is the culmination of significant effort on the part of the owner, designers, contractors and others. It is an exciting – and often hectic – time. However, in the rush to get started, important management tasks ...

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