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Cannabis industry fertilizes ADR business (access required)


If you think lawyers who are creative, indeed entrepreneurial, should be encouraged to ply their trade, and that emerging industries are fertile ground to do so, then you should give a shout-out to the rapidly expanding business of manufacturing, packaging, ...

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Focus on where you want to go, not where you’re afraid to end up (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

Fear and anxiety are like gravity: just enough will keep you grounded and protected but too much will crush you. While fear is a protective device (and there are many benefits to experiencing fear), many of us experience fear or ...

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Bitcoin and Blockchain 101 for lawyers (access required)

Nicole black Web

Earlier this month, the Nebraska Ethics and Advisory Committee handed down Opinion 17-03, concluding that it was ethical for lawyers to accept Bitcoin as payment for legal services. It was the first opinion to address this issue and most certainly ...

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Significantly more lawyers are using cloud computing in 2017 (access required)

Nicole black Web

Cloud computing, where data is stored offsite on servers owned by third parties and accessed via an internet connection—has been around for more than a decade now. At first, lawyers were slow to adopt to the concept even though it ...

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It’s time for a new school funding formula in Idaho (access required)


Idaho will spend about $1.7 billion in K-12 education in 2017-18. This is roughly half of the state’s general fund budget. Tax payer investment in public education is critical to the future health of Idaho, its businesses and its families. ...

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Construction accounting tax tips (access required)


Over the summer the IRS released some accounting for contracts tax tips, which provides a nice summary of questions we frequently get asked. What is an accounting method? Every taxpayer reports income and expenses on their tax return according to ...

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Home ownership rates dwindling amid millenials’ debt burdens (access required)

Taylor Reynolds
Karpus Investment Management, Inc.

The American Dream is the opportunity for individuals to prosper and succeed through hard work. Many consider home ownership to be a critical aspect of the American Dream. Home ownership is important for many reasons. Homes tend to create safer ...

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Could a link to a social media friend lead to legal trouble? (access required)

rich meneghello

Social media profiles have become an ingrained part of most of our lives. At one time they were a novelty that seemed to mostly serve the purposes of remembering Aunt Betty’s birthday or sharing the latest video of cat hijinks; ...

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How to build a socially conscious business (access required)


Millennials make up more than 50 percent of the global workforce, leading businesses to jump on the social enterprise bandwagon in part because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it now makes economic sense. Younger workers want ...

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New communications must fit old legal rules (access required)


Many contractors are noticing that old legal rules regarding communications created in the days of pencils and paper do not always reflect reality at construction sites where most project managers now operate with a smartphone or tablet. Those project managers ...

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