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Right now, local government can cut your property taxes 

As cities and counties begin to set budgets for the upcoming year, it is important to understand the recent changes implemented by the state Legislature, as well as the impact of the huge allocation of federal rescue funds sent to local ...

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A note from the editor Sept. 3

It’s been a day, but in a good way.   Maybe you’ve noticed an additional email or two from us lately, with the header BREAKING NEWS. A lot of that has been COVID-19 related, thanks to Catie Clark’s dedicated and up-to-date reporting ...

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Possible historic investments in education 

What would Idaho’s companies do if they had a $1.4 billion windfall? Many would invest it to make their company more profitable for years to come. Well, Idaho is sitting on a $1.4 billion surplus, and it has a historic ...

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Statewide protocol is needed when releasing body cam footage 

Several Ada County Democrats have released a joint statement stressing the need for a consistent, statewide protocol when releasing body cam footage. The lawmakers — many of whom are a part of the Legislature’s Judiciary and Rules committees, as well as the ...

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Senators Risch and Crapo: The case for term limits

United States Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo recently joined 17 other Senate Republicans and all 50 Senate Democrats to pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Risch and Crapo joined the likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in supporting ...

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A note from the editor Aug. 27

Alx Stevens

I have to take a moment to ask: How is everyone feeling with the cooler temperatures? There’s a lot going on in this week’s paper, which I’m excited to get to, but I think it’s nice to have a reminder of ...

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Keep hiring issues from hurting the team you have right now 

Hiring issues are hampering how companies operate right now. Nearly half of all U.S. businesses recently reported unfilled jobs, and the candidates who are applying aren’t qualified for the positions they’re hoping to fill. Workforces are running thin. Employees of those understaffed ...

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Western wildfires — as foresters, we urge science-based solutions right now 

More than 75 million acres across America have burned in the last decade. The California cities of Paradise and Concow were both destroyed in 2018, and tragically, 349 wildfire-related fatalities have occurred in the past 20 years. These aren’t just numbers on a page ...

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