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F-word Facebook firing flipped by federal court (access required)

In an April ruling that could leave employers fuming and possibly cursing, a federal appellate court ruled that an employee who used a public Facebook page to curse at not only his boss, but also his boss’ mother and entire ...

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Professional organizations need to get creative with their meetings (access required)

Professional organizations are being challenged to remain relevant, attract new members and remain a major industry force. The numbers of people at meetings are dwindling, and attendees are mostly over age 55; perhaps they are going out of force of ...

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Are you substantiating your employee business expenses? (access required)

Now may be a good time to evaluate the expenses you incur as an employee in connection with your work. While your employer may be reimbursing you for some of these expenses, there may be others for which you are ...

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Worrisome headlines overshadow strong fundamentals (access required)

Headlines last month were dominated by the White House with various scandals, investigations and withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. With the penchant for this White House to generate distracting news, we can expect there will be more headlines to ...

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Idaho companies are starting to climb aboard the sustainability bandwagon

As a corporate sustainability professional, John Bernardo walks a tightrope. Bernardo, an executive in residence at Boise State University’s College of Business and a sustainability strategist at Idaho Power, can’t identify himself with environmentalists in a state and industry where ...

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Lessons on Logos (access required)

Do logos matter? I have had many opportunities to work with diverse organizations over the years to help them develop logos and logo identity systems to define, illustrate, and grow their brands. One memorable one was for Sinai Hospital. From ...

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The right tone can establish an ‘environment of excellence’ (access required)

If I were to take the pulse of your organization today, what would the prevailing attitude, character or mood be? Is it consistent, or does it change with the direction of the headwinds? Is it congruent with the brand presented externally? ...

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Coverage for pre-existing conditions is impossible to insure (access required)

Winston Churchill in the 1930s warned his fellow countrymen they should be very concerned about the rise of a German politician by the name of Adolf Hitler. While he was wildly excoriated for his prediction, he was ultimately proven to ...

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Multifamily housing: More choices lead to stronger communities

A bumper sticker from the ‘70s reads, “Houses: everybody gets one before anybody gets two.” Many people are lucky enough to take housing for granted, even two or three of them. But as communities grow and become more desirable, the ...

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