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Boise’s glass-polishing nonprofit has hit a rough spot

Many workers lack the most basic skills necessary to stay employed. Those skills – like showing up on time, working all day, following directions, and dressing properly – frustrate employers who say they know how to teach the job skills. ...

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Think about cash management as you plan (access required)

As a business owner and specifically in the construction industry, you can never underestimate the importance of positive cash flows and good cash management. A number of businesses who are seemingly successful have struggled and ultimately failed due to poor ...

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Case underscores importance of lawyer-accountant communication (access required)

Accounting for many financial statement items requires open communication between company legal counsel and the accounting group, with accounting for litigation loss contingencies possibly requiring the most communication. Litigation loss contingencies involve complicated judgments and predictions about future events. In ...

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Practical collection alternatives in non-lien situations (access required)

There are few things more frustrating than not getting paid for services and/or goods. It is especially frustrating when the amounts owed are fairly modest because multiple, small delinquent accounts can add up to a hefty sum and affect cash ...

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Hiring, with a marketing touch (access required)

True story: A soon-to-be Ph.D. in an in-demand tech field was recently interviewed for a summer job by two of the major West Coast-based international tech companies. Each hosts a large summer internship program as essentially a “road test” of ...

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Good HR directors are in tune with management and with workers

Very much like librarians, human resources managers have acquired a bad reputation over the years. Where librarians are seen as the killjoys who hush library patrons, HR people are often viewed as the administrators who kill the best ideas – ...

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Contract tips for architects and engineers (access required)

A professional designer, such as an architect or engineer, will enter into many contracts to provide services. Owners often will not acknowledge design professionals’ narrow profit margins or limited access to assets and expendable capital to fund large payouts. When ...

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Solo practitioners: handling the fear of delegating (access required)

In order for any law practice to expand, additional personnel and delegation of tasks are required. On the surface it makes logical sense that, in order to expand a legal practice, you need more and more people to do the ...

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These local architects plan to stir up some dust

Idaho architects tend to keep a low profile. The new president and president-elect of the Idaho office of American Institute of Architects, or AIA, want to change that. Retired architect Jeremy Jeffers and John Day, a senior project manager with ...

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