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4 ways a banker can help recession-proof your business  (access required)

As you prepare your business for the future, it’s natural to be concerned over the slowing economy. Business owners are preparing for a possible economic slump, but they have no idea when it could occur or how severe it might ...

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Everyone needs to be adept at sales (access required)

A mentor once told me, “No matter what you do, you’re in sales.” Nurturing abilities in sales will help develop qualities that promote success in any area of life. Regardless of industry or occupation, sales is one of the few ...

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Middle market leaders confident in their own companies, not the larger economy  (access required)

The prevailing sentiment in the middle market continues to be optimism — but with an important caveat. As COVID-19 concerns continue to subside, most middle market executives characterize the financial outlook for their enterprises as very good or excellent. Yet, ...

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Chicken Little initial unemployment claims (access required)

Graph shows parallel behavior of both national and Idaho initial unemployment claims data. Idaho initial claims numbers for 2022 so far are indistinguishable from 2017, 2018, 2019, which were all before the arrival of the pandemic.

You may have noticed on July 21 when the national employment statistics were released that many headlines throughout national media outlets shouted initial unemployment claims were up up up! Here’s an example from Bloomberg: “US Jobless Claims Hit Eight-Month High ...

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3 tips to break away from your business this summer (access required)

A recent survey from The Vacationer shows that 80% of American adults plan to travel this summer. It also includes the 45% that said they would travel more than once. This means nearly 93 million Americans will travel once this ...

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Top 5 tips to protect yourself and your business from phishing scams  (access required)

The FBI reports that most cybercrimes involve phishing or smishing, and Idahoans are vulnerable to these attacks. In fact, in 2021, 103 Idahoans reportedly were victims of ransom cybercrimes that began with phishing, paying out a stunning $10 million. Phishing ...

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Semiconductor Act will be a major benefit to Idaho (access required)

The U.S. is a nation built upon innovation — American innovators pioneered essential technology foundational to our modern lives for decades. In fact, the semiconductor was first manufactured by Americans, we invented the industry but now we’re falling behind. Unless ...

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Side hustles to supplement your income in Idaho (access required)

Not every small business requires full-time work. Having a side hustle is a terrific opportunity to explore small business ownership, explore topics you’re passionate about, and earn some additional money while doing so, regardless of whether your long-term aim is ...

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