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Workplace bullying: Serious issues for employers (access required)


According to a recently released in-depth study of workers by the RAND Corporation, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, Los Angeles, nearly one in five Americans felt they were exposed to a hostile or threatening environment at work. ...

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Expediting patent allowance with in-person interviews (access required)


In an age in which so many communications are electronic, perhaps it’s not surprising that so few companies take advantage of the opportunity to expedite the allowance of their patents by conducting interviews with patent examiners in person at the ...

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Dealing with difficult clients (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

I have heard several lawyers break the ice with an audience of their peers by joking that they love their jobs — except for their clients. This joke often elicits a quick laugh because almost every lawyer can identify with ...

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Exposing the myths surrounding bank financing


At some point, you may be ready to launch a business or expand your current operations. Maybe you’re thinking about buying into a franchise or acquiring an existing business. Whatever your goal, it’s important to understand your financing options. Too ...

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The power of protecting your time (access required)

Dorie Fain featured copy

After I had spent many years in what is considered a relationship development role, it wasn’t until I worked with a business coach that I really learned the power of protecting my time. I used to run around keeping a ...

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In Italy, (and in your organization), culture rules (access required)

Karen Natzel Web

Walking the streets of Rome, Cinque Terre and Florence inspired new thinking for me about what’s important in life. These cities exude culture – art, history, architecture, language, customs, style, approaches to eating and imbibing, working, public spaces – life! ...

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The number of eclipse-goers to expect is still anyone’s guess (access required)

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Among the many, many interesting human endeavors thrown into a spotlight by the upcoming total solar eclipse – the Today show snafu that seemingly omitted the very existence of Idaho in the path of the eclipse;  the helicopter company offering ...

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Connecting to family that is worlds away (access required)

Veronica Cool featured

Long ago, a family gathered at a port embarking on a life-altering voyage, headed to America from Lebanon, to start anew. Fearing the perilous journey across the ocean, the grandmother demanded that two of the children remain behind in the ...

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Lawyers and technology in 2017: Change is good (access required)

Nicole black Web

According to a recent study conducted by Altman Weil, “Law Firms in Transition 2017,” 72 percent of responding firms believe that change in the legal industry will continue to take place at a rapid rate, compared to 2012 when only ...

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