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Being a good listener takes skill, practice (access required)

Have you ever worked with someone who’s a poor listener? Probably you have: someone who never understands what you’re saying, who doesn’t seem to pay attention, who may even interrupt you constantly. Alternatively, you may have been surprised by a ...

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Done properly, mixed-use development brings intensity and diversity (access required)

Historically, all development was mixed-use. Residential, agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing uses occurred in close proximity. People lived and worked in the same place. Economic considerations and limited transportation options inherently produced compact and mixed-use development. Transportation improvements and modern zoning ...

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Summer jobs for youth are an investment in the future

On nearly every survey of workplace needs, employers say their workers need better soft skills. You can play a role in helping workers gain these skills. Soft skills help us live more productively. In a business setting, soft skills are ...

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Online isn’t always the answer (access required)

In 2015, the U.S. spent almost $4.7 trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) on retail sales. How much of that do you think was spent online? 50 percent? 60 percent? 20 percent? According to the US Department of Commerce retail ...

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Potent teams have strong, healthy bonds (access required)

The virtues of teamwork have been extolled by thought leaders, managers, coaches, MBA graduates and the like. However, a collection of intelligent and ambitious individual contributors does not in and of itself make a great team. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Charles ...

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Changes ahead for the Fair Labor Standards Act

In 2016, employers can expect significant changes to federal wage and hour laws as the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) finalizes new regulations related to the payment of overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The basic premise of ...

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Mixed-use has a long history in Pocatello (access required)

With federal land to the east and west, previously part of the Fort Hall Reservation, Pocatello is essentially landlocked. Pocatello has a history of lot subdividing to meet the once-growing housing demand of the railroad. A city lot in the ...

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In construction, expect the best and prepare for the worst (access required)

When drafting a construction or design contract, it is easy to be carried away by enthusiasm: “This is going to be an exciting project, and we are all going to make money!” It is tempting to fill the contract with ...

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Seven habits of successful negotiators (access required)

If you dislike negotiating, you are not alone. The number of “no haggle, no hassle” car dealerships is but one indication that many people would rather not negotiate. At those dealerships, buyers walk in and pay a price discounted below ...

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