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Dogs in the workplace: the risks and rewards (access required)

People love their dogs. Increasingly, they love to bring them to work. But before you open the doors of your office to  canine companions, it’s a good idea to assess the risks and responsibilities.   According to the Insurance Information Institute, ...

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A look ahead at the Affordable Care Act (access required)

Last year turned out to be a busy one,not only for many employers getting into the groove of offering health insurance and preparing for reporting, but for the IRS as well. As usual, the IRS provided more guidance and changes ...

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A case for the liberal arts

Today’s focus on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is laudable, and no doubt helps guide impressionable young people into fields of study that will equip them directly for employment in today’s highly technical workforce. That said, there is ...

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The time is right for low-water fixtures in Idaho (access required)

All is not so good when it comes to water in Idaho. Groundwater reserves, contained in layers of rock known as aquifers, peaked in the 1950s and have been dropping ever since. It looks like some of the other water-related ...

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Joint tenancy accounts with rights of survivorship

This article summarizes the recent Idaho law changes related to joint tenancy (owner) investment accounts held by lawfully married persons with rights of survivorship. A joint tenancy account with right of survivorship allows married persons to own the account with ...

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Name change for Career and Technical Education division is a good start (access required)

On Feb. 1, the Idaho Senate passed a bill that, if passed by the House and signed by the governor, will change the name of the Division of Professional-Technical Education to the Division of Career Technical Education. This name change ...

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Increasing the worth of a college degree

Search the Internet for the question, “Is college worth it?” and you may be surprised by the answers. Even some higher education experts are saying, “No.” But the question can’t be answered meaningfully without first addressing two other questions. One ...

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The downside of anti-theft tracking software

Imagine walking into your office one morning and discovering that overnight some of your office equipment had been stolen, including a laptop. In this scenario, you had installed anti-theft software on the laptop. Immediately upon realizing the laptop was missing, ...

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