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Assessing your own value (access required)

I am often asked to help businesses analyze the cost of their products or services. Most of these inquiries end as quickly as they start. I always ask why the business owner wants to know this information. Often, it is ...

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In commercial real estate, technology changes the game (access required)

It’s no secret that the commercial real estate industry has lagged behind in terms of technological innovation. While other industries have been dramatically transformed thanks to technology, commercial real estate has not experienced this high level of innovation. That appears ...

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Why do 401(k)s breed such investor apathy? (access required)

Despite the best efforts and good intentions of the federal government, 401(k) investors remain stubbornly disengaged from their retirement plans. Most have no idea how much they are paying in fees and other expenses. Many assume naively that their plans ...

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Finding your best outsource partner (access required)

Almost any business function can be outsourced. You may have identified marketing, payment processing, tech support, accounting, collections, social media, HR, or sales. The function you have chosen to outsource is not important. What is important is that you choose ...

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Supervisors have wealth of experience, but usually not in supervising (access required)

Properly training, supervising and developing new associates is integral to the success of a law firm. Partners are tasked with the responsibility of mentoring associates, helping them hone their legal skills, rewarding their effort (in order to retain them at ...

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The 3 top security issues your firm needs to address

Despite the tools available, security breaches are still common. Some experts believe that every company has already been breached at least once; they just don’t know about it yet. That can be terrifying for anyone trying to keep data safe, ...

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Hey, those design plans look familiar. (access required)

So, you have a set of architectural plans and are wondering just how much copyright protection is attached to them. The answer: Not much. In 1990, Congress passed the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act, and for the last 25 years ...

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Beef up security at work with a BYOD policy (access required)

If left to their own devices to perform work for your firm, attorneys and staff could get you in a heap of trouble. That’s because of something known as BYOD. BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” such as a ...

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Workplace appearance policies: one size doesn’t always fit all (access required)

The Supreme Court recently decided a case that every employer will need to understand in order to stay on the right side of federal religious discrimination law. It ruled that retail clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch violated the law when ...

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