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Could more female leaders resolve the gender pay gap? (access required)

Michelle Hicks WEB

Some exciting news on the gender pay gap came out in December. A Pew Research Center survey found women in the Millennial generation, ages 25 to 34, earned just 93 percent of what their male counterparts brought in in 2012. ...

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New salary survey mostly good news

Gary Gosselin

After several years of bad news for the legal profession, this year, things may be looking up, in large part because of the economy. You may say it’s the economy stupid, but part of the problem also has been a ...

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Idaho’s independent doctors join forces


One of the nice things about TV hospital dramas is how simple the physicians’ lives are. A regular ER stint in the life of a TV doctor is fraught with emotional cliff-hangers, disease of stupefying complexity and legal conundrums. But ...

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The Hole no more

Jeanne WoY column

I just had a kind of out-of-body experience. Right there in the middle of downtown Boise. There I was, having lunch in the new Flatbread Pizza restaurant in the new Eighth and Main building. My lunch partner and I had ...

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Tips for keeping your financial information secure (access required)

robbins large

It’s tax time! And along with tax returns and e-filing and W-2s and 1099s, we also have to be worried about all those rascals that want to get hold of your name, Social Security number, and other personal information to ...

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Lawyers can make themselves more likeable (access required)

Katie Reagan

When selecting legal counsel, corporate counsel consider likability to be a key factor. But what qualities — aside from courtroom victories — make a lawyer more likable? * Be a good communicator How do potential clients prefer to be contacted? ...

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It’s important for Idaho’s health exchange to remain under state control

Doug Sayer

In 2011 my company, Premier Technology, made a simple yet significant change in the way we did business. We committed to buying a greater share of materials needed for our operations from Idaho suppliers. And we did it without sacrificing ...

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Idahoans need buying power in health care

Rep  Hixon Professional

When I was campaigning for my very first time back in 2012, tens of thousands of people were excited about my candidacy because of my innate ability to actively listen to the people whom I represent. They understood that I ...

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Parking up the wrong tree?


There are renowned debating societies in the Netherlands, in Greece and at Oxford in England, but the best debates of all happen in the newsrooms of U.S. newspapers. Just such a debate – short but substantive and spirited – took ...

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After surging in 2013, markets take a breather

bill rutherford

After 2013, when the markets packed three years of returns into one, they stumbled out of the gate in 2014. In January, the Dow Jones industrial average was down 5.3 percent, the S&P was down 3.6 percent and the Nasdaq ...

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