Jul 7, 2022

May you live in ‘interesting’ times 

In 1936, Sir Austen Chamberlain of England referred to a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” to describe the “the suffering of one disturbance and shock after another.” The pandemic has certainly tested our global economy and capital markets with a series of unique challenges and the pace continues as time passes in 2022.   Our current “interesting disturbance” is [...]

Jul 6, 2022

Property tax solutions are overdue

Property taxes pay for some of the basic public services you have come to expect, including first responders, law enforcement, roads and schools. We believe in protecting these services while ensuring the necessary revenue is collected in a fair way. Since the GOP capped the homeowner’s exemption in 2016, we have seen an ever-growing shift of the property tax load onto homeowners and away from c[...]

Jul 5, 2022

Idaho poised to buck demographic trends affecting college enrollment

The Great Recession’s impact still reverberates and is expected to cause steep drops in college enrollment over the coming years across the country. Why? When the economy tanked starting in 2008, birth rates trended downward in Idaho and across the United States. Within one year, Idaho birth rates dropped 7%. From 2008 through 2020, Idaho birth rates dropped nearly 30%. [caption id="attachmen[...]

Jul 1, 2022

5 myths about eviction in Idaho

There are many myths about how tenants can be legally evicted, which are surfacing this month as evictions rise to their highest levels this year. The eviction process is complex, and not knowing the rules around eviction can make a bad situation worse.Busting these myths can help landlords ensure they are following the law and best practices, and tenants can know their rights and responsibili[...]

Billy Moreland
Jun 30, 2022

Ways to improve 401(k) performance 

In addition to the below tips, make sure to fully understand asset allocation and the fees being charged. Many 401 (k) plans have fees subtracted by the firm that invests and manages the account. If a client is 59 1/2 and still working at the same firm where the 401(k) is, the funds can be rolled to a self-directed IRA without any tax exposure. This allows the client to select an asset allocation [...]

Jun 29, 2022

Benefits of SBA 7(a) loans in a rising interest rate environment  

Small business owners have shown incredible resilience in the face of rising costs, a tight labor market and the highest inflation in decades. As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to fight inflation, small businesses face another challenge — obtaining the right financing tools in a rising interest rate environment.  [caption id="attachment_282208" align="alignright" width="214"] Brad[...]

Jun 24, 2022

A note from the editor June 24

It seems like every week we receive a new press release about federal money coming to Idaho.  [caption id="attachment_273476" align="alignright" width="168"] Stevens[/caption] In recent weeks, money has come in for housing (including affordable housing), infrastructure projects and, most recently, as reported by Catie Clark, fire mitigation and personnel support. We’ll be keeping an eye o[...]

Jun 20, 2022

Climate risk disclosure safeguards our investments 

Read More Financial Services News [feed url="https://idahobusinessreview.com/category/news/financial-services/feed/" number="3"] On March 21, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a draft of new rules that require all publicly traded companies to disclose risks attributed to climate disruption. Applauded by many in the global finance sector, this step acknowledges that[...]

Jun 13, 2022

Dam breaching would hurt Idaho’s farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of Idaho. The agricultural industry is one of the largest contributors to the state’s economy, and our farmers’ crops feed people all over the world. A big reason why this is possible is thanks to the dams along the Snake River. Now, the state of Washington’s Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and U.S. Senator Patty Murray are advocating for the removal of the four dam[...]

Jun 10, 2022

You might want to think twice before responding to your boss’s request  

Read More Commentary [feed url="https://idahobusinessreview.com/category/commentary/feed/" number="3"] You receive an email from your chief executive officer (CEO) requesting that you purchase gift cards for your fellow employees. The CEO wants it to be a surprise and asks you to share photos of the front and back of the card so that they can send them to your teammates. You don't want to spoi[...]

May 27, 2022

A note from the editor May 27

[caption id="attachment_273476" align="alignright" width="168"] Alx Stevens[/caption] Did you hear the news? We've got not-to-miss legal coverage, construction updates, labor stats, technology reports and more featured in this week’s edition and on our website — where you may have gotten some of it first.  Leading this edition is an analysis and explanatory article by reporter Catie Cla[...]

May 26, 2022

The 5 C’s of credit — what small business owners need to know before applying for financing

Deciding if and when business financing is right for your business can be a tough decision. And on top of that, there are many types of credit options to choose from. According to a recent Wells Fargo study of small business owners and their use of credit, many small business owners have a limited understanding of what it takes to be approved for credit and how to best use credit options. To help[...]