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In search of more skilled workers

Hundreds of apprentices participated in graduation ceremonies this past spring. For many it was the end of a very long journey. They represent the last of a crop of workers who boldly entered the construction industry at its lowest point. ...

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Talking tax: What are the benefits to setting up a trust?

Q: I have a few questions regarding a trust my Mom set up for me. It was created upon her death and I am the sole beneficiary and the sole trustee, with virtually no limitations on what I do with ...

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Idaho’s mental health care is an economic development issue

If business owners aren’t depressed about the state of mental health care in Idaho, they ought to be. As Idaho’s elected leaders slash mental health services, the cost of untreated mental illness on small businesses is staggering. A few facts: ...

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Dust off your whistleblower program

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) publishes its Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse on a bi-annual basis.  The most recent study was published last month and covered the period from January 2012 through the end ...

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What general counsel really think about marketing

I recently attended the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference — always a great learning experience, and especially nice because it allows me to spend time with people who do what I do. Of the many informative seminars I attended, there ...

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Employee activism and social media

Your employees are talking about you. Whether they say good or bad things, they’re not just saying them to their friends. They often broadcast their thoughts, experiences and feelings through Twitter, Facebook or social media sites designed to tell the ...

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The NLRA: It’s not just for unionized workers

You’re a non-union employer in a “Right to Work” state with at-will employees. You should be able to discipline your employees and institute company policies without concern for the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, right? The NLRB enforces the ...

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It’s time for immigration reform

It’s the end of the school year and summer is upon us. Young people are applying for summer jobs. New graduates are planning their futures. It is a time usually marked by hope and optimism. But for too many immigrant ...

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General Motors’ cautionary tale for corporate counsel

As a result of the recent General Motors internal investigation of ignition switch recalls, three in-house lawyers are among the 15 GM employees who lost their jobs. The 325-page report submitted to the board of directors by Anton Valukas chronicles ...

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