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An employment law update on gay and lesbian rights (access required)

The laws are changing quickly when it comes to gay and lesbian rights. Here are some of the recent changes in the laws and the possible impact on Idaho employers. A. Entitlement to Employee Benefits, Tax Benefits, and FMLA Leave. ...

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Safe workplaces don’t happen by accident

I once heard a contractor say that safety starts at the top. His point was that safety is not a grassroots initiative. Companies with the best safety records do so by making it a priority from the very top and ...

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Some tenacious teachers, and a life turned around

Luke Yeates’ life-changing moment took at least a year to come about and almost didn’t happen at all. Yeates, now 28, was a laid-off call center worker who enrolled at the College of Western Idaho in 2011 with no clear ...

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Don’t let the EEOC’s guidance on background checks put your company in hot water

Is your business required to hire job applicants with felony convictions? And, would your business be violating federal law by implementing a strict criminal background check policy? Under a 2012 Enforcement Guidance issued by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ...

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Hospitals and larger health care systems can charge hidden fees

After you visit a hospital or see a doctor who is contracted or employed by a hospital system, there may be an unpleasant surprise when you get the bill. Hospitals and larger healthcare systems are able to charge an extra ...

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Talking tax: When can I take money out of my IRA?

Q: I will celebrate my 70th birthday in August and know the time is drawing near that I will be able to take money out of my IRA. But I am a bit confused as to whether I should start ...

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Survey predicts commercial property sales will reach 10-year high by 2016

It appears the recovery in the national commercial real estate market may be about to pick up significant pace. According to a forecast report based on a survey by 39 of the industry’s leading economists and analysts, commercial real estate ...

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What employers need to know about the 90-day healthcare waiting period

In February of this year, federal regulators issued joint guidance providing details on the new Affordable Care Act requirement limiting waiting periods for employer health plans to 90 days, known as the 90-day rule. We have become aware of some ...

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A great degree if you can get it

It’s not often I hear the media praised for prompting positive change. But this week it happened when I talked to Amy Moll, the dean of the College of Engineering at Boise State University, about the rising number of tech ...

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