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Safety, the foundation of every successful business

Successful business owners have long known effective safety management systems must be woven into the fabric of an organization, becoming part of the culture and part of the way that people do their jobs. Safety management should be an integrated ...

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Social media for lawyers: Think of it as a nonstop cocktail party

Want to party 24/7? Social media perplexes many lawyers and law firms. They know they need to move in that direction, but the “how” escapes them. The way to succeed with social media is to embrace the simple but effective ...

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Energy incentives and energy codes

On Jan. 1, Idaho adopted the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code, the most current and most stringent code applicable to renovation and new construction for commercial construction. This brings Idaho in line with states such as Washington, Oregon, California, Massachusetts ...

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Tax changes in store for 2014

Idaho income tax law generally conforms to federal income tax law. In fact, one of the first items on the Idaho Legislature’s agenda when they convene in January is the annual conformity bill. But conformity doesn’t mean that preparing an ...

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Oil and gas investments come with specific tax ramifications (access required)

Q: I have a friend who swears by his investments in oil and gas. He is trying to get me to invest also, but to be honest I really don’t understand this business. I’ve always heard I should not invest ...

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Six must-have apps for every lawyer’s new iPad

You received exactly what you’d asked for this holiday season, and now you’re holding a shiny, new iPad in your hands. Now what? How do you figure out which apps to download to help to make you a more effective, ...

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Contractors, set your goals for 2014

I am a list person. I don’t mean that I just casually sit down and make a “to do” list each day. No, if you’ve ever stepped foot in my office, you have seen two giant whiteboards filled with goals, ...

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Computers: Sucking our will to live since 1975

A nationwide survey commissioned by Crucial.com indicates Americans lose four days each year waiting for their computers to behave, cutting into precious time survey respondents say they’d rather spend exercising, sleeping or planning healthy meals. I always knew the machines ...

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Balancing wellness programs and employee privacy (access required)

Whenever I work with an employer to promote its wellness offerings, one of the first topics we discuss is employee privacy. This is because the most purposeful programs ask employees to share information that is so personal they may not ...

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