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Core standards matter to business

Imagine for a moment today is Jan. 1, 2019, and your business is thriving. So much so that you need to fill 60 key positions in the coming year, all of which require technical skills and/or education beyond high school. ...

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Enforcing a mechanic’s lien (access required)

Mechanic’s liens are vitally important to ensure contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers get paid for performing labor or providing materials to construct buildings or otherwise improving land. A lien provides a secured interest in the land upon which the work was ...

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Key financial changes for the new year

As 2014 begins, it’s a good idea to look ahead to the financial changes expected. There has been a lot of recent news coverage of the politics and policies around our nation’s budget, the “fiscal cliff” and more; with Congress ...

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Children bring joy – and tax complications (access required)

Q: My wife and I received an early Christmas present; our daughter (our first) was born in early December. My wife is planning on returning to work only on a part-time basis in a few months. Isn’t there a tax ...

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With Idaho Power and the PUC, a delicate balance

In one form or another, all businesses analyze potential investments of capital and time against current market forces, seeking to strike the perfect balance of risk and reward. As a regulated utility, Idaho Power is required to provide certain services ...

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Does saying, ‘I’m sorry’ help?

Has a physician ever made a mistake that harmed you or a loved one? Did the physician apologize? Whether to offer a simple “I’m sorry,” when things didn’t go as planned, has long been the subject of debate among health ...

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Employers revising health plans to avoid ‘Cadillac Tax’

While most of the attention on the Obama administration’s health care law has been on health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion, employer-sponsored health plans are also beginning to slowly feel the effects. One change that will affect employer-sponsored plans beginning ...

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Hiring will be hot in 2014 – don’t lose your talent (access required)

The most recent Employment Outlook Survey by Manpower Group shows hiring will be hot across the United States in 2014. In the first quarter of the year, 13 percent of U.S. employers expect to add to their workforce next year ...

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