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Keeping secrets: a primer on trade secret laws

Espionage is popularly known as a clandestine practice whereby a country, organization or individual obtains secret information from another without permission. The practice of espionage has been the subject of many of our most memorable fictional novels, movies and television ...

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Idaho’s college goal for students

Some have questioned if the goal of having 60 percent of Idaho high school graduates going on to some form of advanced degree or certificate is reasonable. To me the goal makes sense. While I agree that not everyone needs ...

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Financial statements paint a complete picture (access required)

In my last column I discussed the differences between the cash and accrual methods of accounting and recommended keeping your books on an accrual basis. Assuming this sage advice is followed, the follow-up question is: How do I read a ...

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Making your e-newsletter effective

Have you ever opened an e-newsletter, looked at the graphics without reading any of the text, and closed it a few seconds later? You’re not alone. The average time a person spends on an e-newsletter is less than a minute, ...

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Can Boise be the next Boulder?

I recently moved to Boise to run ClickBank, the world’s largest digital products platform for very small to mid-sized businesses. ClickBank has offices in Broomfield, Colo., (right outside of Boulder) and we’re headquartered in Boise. In Seattle, you get spoiled ...

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Simple antidote to ‘seat of the pants’ management

Documenting policies and procedures is a practical tool to help any law firm, even a small or virtual one, to assess its operation against objective standards. Law firms are businesses, and every business should have a rationale for its actions. ...

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The opportunity cost of decision fatigue (access required)

A relatively new book by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney called Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength takes a look an ailment affecting all of us, including our employees: decision fatigue. The book essentially proves what Joe Albertson knew ...

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A door opens for nonlawyer fee-sharing

Many law firms, both large and small, use contract lawyers to provide legal counsel at reduced cost. Thanks in large part to emerging technology, contract attorneys can contribute to work and efficiency if used correctly as a transparent resource, offering ...

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Homebuyers are voting with their feet

Do you love your commute? Would you prefer to walk or ride a bike to work? When searching for a home, how important is proximity to shopping, restaurants, parks and other amenities? The answers to these questions are changing, both ...

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