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Commuteride vanpool fills a public transit gap (access required)

Sylvia Marmon is at the steering wheel, as she has been for 17 years with  Commuteride, the Ada County Highway District vanpool service. ACHD has offered Commuteride since 1976 for commuters from neighboring counties. Generally, drivers rotate among vanpool riders, ...

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The future of public transit: Where’s the money? (access required)

Cities and states and voters are giving thumbs up to expansive public transit projects in many places around the country, but not in Idaho. The state stands out in the U.S. in terms of meager public transit funding. The November ...

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Survey: Treasure Valley residents would like more public transit options (access required)

The Treasure Valley, like nearly all western cities, is designed entirely for automotive transport. Public officials who would like to build substantial, rider-convenient public transit in Idaho face a daunting obstacle: there is no dedicated funding for public transit. Other ...

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Treasure Valley leaders face off on the future of public transit

The population of the Treasure Valley is expected to grow from 640,000 to 1 million by 2040, and by who knows how much more in the decades beyond that. Many public officials agree that the roads and parking aren’t adequate ...

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