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Excellence in Finance

Banking: Tony Wheelwright

Tony Wheelwright has always entertained the idea of owning a small business. Thanks to his job as a commercial lender, he can live vicariously through his clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs. “Every day I come in, it’s something different. ...

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Banking: John Williamson

photo of john williamson

John Williamson will never forget his father’s words as they stood looking at his grandfather’s gravestone. He was a teenager at the time, just beginning to forge his own future. “He said: ‘Never let anyone tell you you don’t take ...

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Banking: Karen Appelgren (access required)

After looking at Karen Appelgren’s career as a whole it’s not surprising to learn she spent more than a decade as a teacher in the Boise School District. Appelgren now is a vice president at Zions Bank and the director ...

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Banking: Mac Wrigley (access required)

  Mac Wrigley had every intention of becoming a teacher and basketball coach, but he got hooked on economics and wound up with an MBA instead of helping kids reach the NBA. “At the core, I’m still that same guy ...

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Investment: Josh Harmon

That’s not what Harmon thinks about. “If it was all about numbers and money I would have been out of this business a long time ago,” says Harmon, who has been with Northwestern Mutual for 16 years. “People are fun. ...

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