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Reports from IBR’s Experts Forum panel discussions.

Experts Forum Report: A Public Private Partnership

A Public Private Partnership: How the Private Sector Impacts Public Policy  Synergy between the public and private sectors is critical for the state’s success, but it can be challenging to achieve. Navigating the political system takes time and energy, which ...

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Experts Forum Report – Opportunity Zones

Introduction A provision of the jobs and tax cut act passed in December 2017, Opportunity Zones offer governors the chance to designate low-income census tracts for a federal tax incentive, and hopefully, boost development as a result. Under the rule, ...

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Experts Forum Report: Idaho’s STEM Future

Introduction With technology on the rise across industries, Idaho must produce a large, well-educated STEM workforce — or risk getting left behind. Recently, the Idaho Department of Labor predicted that as many as 36,000 STEM jobs would go unfilled over the ...

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