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Idaho governor restores $99 million in education funding

photo of timberline high school

Idaho Gov. Brad Little on September 11 restored $99 million in K-12 education funding he cut earlier this year amid budget shortfall concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Republican governor also announced that another $50 million will be made ...

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Target targeting Moscow (access required)

Rumors continue to circulate that Target has targeted Moscow. No, the giant retailer is not aiming weapons of mass destruction at the capital of Russia. Target will be opening a store at the Palouse Mall in the hometown of the ...

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American Eagle Outfitters/Aerie to close 40 or more stores (access required)

Another apparel-oriented retailer with Idaho locations is announcing store closures in the endless horror of the brick-and-mortar retail apocalypse. A list of stores headed to the gallows is not yet available. American Eagle Outfitters, which operates around 1,000 American Eagle ...

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Governor spends $200 million to save Idaho businesses money (access required)

photo of department of labor

This article was updated on Sept. 15 to correct attributions of remarks by Rep. Melissa Wintrow which were originally misattributed to Idaho Department of Labor director Jani Revier. The Idaho Coronavirus Advisory Committee recommended and Governor Brad Little approved the ...

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ITD get $27 million to give to rural public transit (access required)

The ITD public transit team. From left to right: Ada Finlayson, Kristina Larkin, Taylor Bothke, Summer Hirschfield, and Ron Duran.

The Idaho Transportation Department has recently acquired $27 million of grant money for Idaho transit agencies. In addition to relief aid sent directly to state governments, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act also set aside money for federal agencies ...

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Nampa announces new grant to help small businesses with COVID-19 expenses (access required)

photo of downtown nampa

The City of Nampa has announced a small business grant program for local businesses, with the application becoming available Wednesday, Sept. 9. To qualify, the business must have no more than 500 employees, and be registered and located within Nampa ...

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A word with Dee Mooney about the Micron Foundation

Idahoans typically think of Micron as just one of the state’s, and Boise’s, major employers; as former Boise mayor Dave Bieter used to say, “When Micron sneezes, Boise catches a cold.” But the company also runs a charitable foundation that helps ...

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Coronacoping: Virus makes cooking at home a ‘thing’ again

photo of albertsons

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Fiction writer Sherrie Flick had an inkling there might be shortages of her favorite cooking and baking supplies when Pittsburgh shut down during the start of COVID-19. For the first time, she signed up for Harvie Farms ...

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As some Americans buy dream homes, others face evictions (access required)

photo of kuna house for sale

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Brandi Gee has been living in a Georgia hotel with her son for nearly three months after losing her job and her rental home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Indiana, Jana Miller and her husband jumped at the opportunity to buy their ...

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A word with Madison Warner of Leadership Boise

Every Idaho town and city has the “STP” problem: The same ten people seem to be the only ones who step up to volunteer for community programs. How does a city groom new people to take their place? The answer ...

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