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Success is relative in PR campaigns (access required)

With investment in creative services, such as a public relations campaign, the return on investment is often measured not in dollars and cents, but in expectations.

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DOL changes will revamp online job tools (access required)

Career development professionals who use the Department of Labor’s online tools will see some changes this year as the department makes technological updates.

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Online, self-awareness is crucial (access required)

When it comes to doing business online, a lot has changed in a decade. Web marketing has grown from basic websites to mobile versions, search engine optimization and social networking strategy.

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Small business owners neglect retirement savings

Kari Warberg Block calls it her day of reckoning. It was the day 10 years ago that she realized she had saved nothing for her retirement. “I started thinking about all the money that had run through my hands over ...

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Fixing up seniors’ homes to help them age in place

Alberta Hough struggles to feed herself a snack, her arms shaking badly from Parkinson’s disease. Days earlier, the 84-year-old fell while eating, sliding off her kitchen chair. The rest of Hough’s day isn’t much easier to navigate. She wobbles into ...

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Idaho exchange board: Average policy costs $240 monthly

Health insurance policies sold via Idaho’s insurance exchange starting Jan. 1 will cost around $240 monthly, a figure based on packages submitted so far to the state Department of Insurance by insurers aiming to participate. The figure, announced June 27 ...

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Return of the remodel (access required)

The home-remodeling business is picking back up in the Treasure Valley, but homeowners relying on equity to finance remodeling projects have yet to move forward on their plans. “A lot of people my age and down have to get loans,” ...

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Kitchen, bathroom projects fueling remodeling comeback (access required)

Kitchen and bathroom projects are fueling an uptick in business for Treasure Valley remodelers. “It’s been a big jump this last year, definitely, and we’re seeing much bigger projects than we’ve been seeing since 2009,” said Michael Snow, a designer ...

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Staffing agencies and their clients must work out who pays for health benefits (access required)

Businesses using staffing agencies will need to tread carefully when Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act changes take effect in 2014, but clearly written contracts and careful communication can mitigate problems. “The tricky part is figuring out who the employer ...

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