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Mar 30, 2021

Attorney General’s office restructured due to retirement

[caption id="attachment_265357" align="alignleft" width="175"] Sherman Furey[/caption] [caption id="attachment_265359" align="alignright" width="175"] Brian Kane[/caption] Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced the restructuring of his office’s leadership team ahead of the retirement of longtime chief deputy Sherm Furey. Assistant chief deputy Brian Kane will assume the role of chief [...]

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Mar 30, 2021

How many Idahoans will be able to afford to retire?

[caption id="attachment_265455" align="alignleft" width="300"] Up to a quarter of Idahoans rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. Photo by Depositphotos[/caption] Just how involved should state policy makers be in an individual’s retirement plan? The Office of Performance Evaluation is helping Idaho lawmakers this session answer this question with its report “Preparedness [...]

Mar 29, 2021

Report: Radioactive cleanup at Idaho nuclear site working

[caption id="attachment_266054" align="alignleft" width="300"] FILE - In this May 11, 2015, file photo, nuclear waste is stored in underground containers at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls, Idaho. U.S. and state officials say ongoing Superfund cleanup work of radioactive and other contamination at the Idaho National Laboratory in eastern Idaho has been successful at protecting human[...]

Looking south along of the path of the Idaho Canal Trail just south of John Adams Parkway in Idaho Falls.
Mar 29, 2021

Idaho Falls starts new bicycling, hiking trail

[caption id="attachment_265029" align="alignright" width="300"] Looking north along the path of the Idaho Canal Trail just south of John Adams Parkway in Idaho Falls. Photo courtesy of Idaho Falls Public Works[/caption] For more than 25 years, Idaho Falls has been building trails, pathways and bikeways throughout the city. Now it is going to add two-and-a-half miles more of walking and biking t[...]

Mar 29, 2021

Creating certainty, security for Idaho’s grain producers

[caption id="attachment_263509" align="alignleft" width="125"] Mike Simpson[/caption] A few weeks ago, I released a comprehensive concept to resolve the salmon, energy and dam issues that have created tension in the Northwest for decades.  It is meant to provide security for all stakeholders, end lawsuits and give Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead a chance for survival. My concept includes a [...]

Lake Coeur d'Alene shoreline at Tubbs Hill Park.
Mar 29, 2021

A look at land use, lake use in Coeur d’Alene

[caption id="attachment_265026" align="alignright" width="300"] Lake Coeur d'Alene shoreline at Tubbs Hill Park. Photo by Jason Patrick Schuller, CC0 via Wikimedia Commons[/caption] Third in a six-part series. Chris Filios is a Kootenai County Commissioner. He's a Republican, a past member of the National Guard, an appraiser and realtor and an elected official on-record for avoiding foregone[...]

Mar 26, 2021

Rep. Russ Fulcher criticizes Biden immigration policy

[caption id="attachment_254905" align="alignleft" width="125"] Russ Fulcher[/caption] The left decried President Trump’s “America First” immigration policies and charged Republicans with being inhumane for seeking to uphold the laws of our country. Now, it seems these “humanitarians” have disappeared as we watch the Biden Administration’s approach play out in real-time. The conse[...]

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Mar 26, 2021

What will the American Rescue Plan Act bring to Idaho?

[caption id="attachment_258857" align="alignleft" width="300"] Federal COVID aid has funded everything from health care to broadband, like this tower in Bliss. Photo by Madeline Bumstead[/caption] The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is enacted federal legislation that distributes $1.9 trillion for economic stimulus and recovery purposes. It is the third piece of legislation aim at economic aid[...]

Mar 25, 2021

When Mike Simpson talks, Idaho ag should hear him out

[caption id="attachment_262901" align="alignleft" width="117"] Bruce Newcomb[/caption] For those who know me, there are few things in this world that I feel more passionate about than Idaho agriculture and water. Both have been cornerstones of my life since I first drew breath and the political career that has largely defined the second half of my life. Those who know me also know that among[...]

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Mar 25, 2021

Jeffrey Glissendorf appointed to Idaho Travel Council

[caption id="attachment_265117" align="alignleft" width="142"] Jeff Glissendorf[/caption] Gov. Brad Little has appointed Jeffery Glissendorf to the Idaho Travel Council. He will represent Region 5 (Southeastern Idaho) for a three-year term. Lonnie Allen, Idaho Travel Council representative for Region 6 (Eastern Idaho), was appointed to a second three-year term. The Idaho Travel Council's pr[...]

Mar 25, 2021

Idaho lawmakers face tight schedule to extend tax deadline

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Legislation extending the tax filing deadline from April 15 to May 17 for Idaho residents will be among lawmakers' top priorities for when they return to work on April 6, a high-ranking state senator said. Republican Senate President Pro-Tem Chuck Winder said this week that he expects the Senate and House to expedite legislation to delay Idaho's tax deadline a month to mat[...]

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Mar 25, 2021

Ada County begins process of rewriting zoning codes

[caption id="attachment_255078" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ada County is meeting with stakeholders to determine how best to rewrite its zoning standards. File photo[/caption] Starting on March 17, Ada County Development Services began a series of meetings with other local governments and agencies in the county about the direction of its current rewrite of the zoning ordinances. It's all par[...]