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Rebate for jet parts crashes in Senate committee (access required)

A Senate committee has scrapped a bill that would have provided out-of-state jet owners with a rebate on the sales taxes they pay on parts installed on their aircraft in Idaho, a measure that one Boise company said would have ...

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Bill would make cattle operations’ manure plans private (access required)

A Senate committee has advanced a measure that would keep the public from accessing reports that describe how beef cattle feeding operations treat and manage waste. The Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee voted March 10 to approve a measure that would ...

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Rep. Lake: Bring a bill to end tax exemptions

Quit talking about repealing tax exemptions. Bring a bill to do it. That’s the message Rep. Dennis Lake, the House Revenue and Taxation Committee chairman, sent the Senate by shelving without a hearing its measure calling for an annual review ...

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Committee approves immigration bill (access required)

A bill that aims to punish illegal immigrants by upping penalties for the use of false documents has cleared a Senate committee. The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 6-1 March 12 to approve a bill that would make it a ...

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Senate panel votes against immigration crackdown

A Senate committee rejected a bill that would penalize employers who don’t use a federal computer database to verify workers’ immigration status and who end up hiring illegal immigrants. After three hours of debate, mostly tilted against the measure, the ...

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Idaho Republicans push anti-feds bills

State Republicans lobbed more legislative spitballs at Washington, D.C., earlier this week, with measures calling to sue the federal government over gun rights and control of federal land and to replace standard American currency with gold and silver. The bills ...

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