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Wendy Hormon, representative, Idaho House of Representatives

photo of wendy horman

When Wendy Horman, mother of five, discovered her children’s art supplies were coming back home unopened and unused, she decided she had to do something about it. So, she started and taught the Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME) in Bonneville School ...

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Casey Holcomb, North Central district manager, Wells Fargo Bank, Moscow

When Casey Holcomb arrived in northern Idaho in October 2011, winter was a heartbeat away, and it was dark and cold. The rest of life didn’t look to be so cheery, either. Holcomb stepped off the plane from California recently ...

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Farhana Hibbert, regional director, U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

Farhana Hibbert entered the world tiny and hidden but between her birth in war-torn Pakistan, an immigration to Puerto Rico and a top spot at Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo’s office, Hibbert created a big life, filled a staggering resume and ...

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Meg Glasgow, president, Finer Frames

“It was a happy accident,” Meg Glasgow says of the trans-Atlantic relocation that landed her in an apprenticeship that eventually bloomed to a thriving business. The happy accident seems fitting for a young woman who left home at 17 and ...

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Jackie Flowers, general manager, Idaho Falls Power

Jackie Flowers is no stranger to breaking gender barriers. She broke one when she first began her stint at Idaho Falls Power as manager in July of 2006, becoming the first woman to do so in the 106 years since ...

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Karianne Fallow, CEO, United Dairymen of Idaho

Got milk? If so, you can thank Karianne Fallow, a two-time Women of the Year honoree. After serving as director of public affairs and business development for Red Sky Public Relations, in 2013 Fallow was recruited to become the CEO ...

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Jacquie Elcox, CEO and founder, Treasure Valley Hearing and Balance

Jacquie Elcox admits to some teenage rebellion. And she never really felt like she fit in. But for the English transplant, non-conformity and a willingness to live outside the box made perfect business sense and turned the immigrant into a ...

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