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Three large mixed-use developments are headed for Eagle (access required)

For the 11 years that Mike Williams has been a planner for the city of Eagle, there has been just one mixed-use development in the growing city on the northwestern edge of Boise. That’s Winding Creek, a combination of commercial, ...

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Mixed-use development moves slowly in the Wood River Valley (access required)

Of the three cities that make up Blaine County’s population centers, Ketchum is the furthest ahead when it comes to mixed-use development. Ketchum’s zoning code encourages mixed use in a few distinct ways. Within the downtown area, developers must devote ...

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Done properly, mixed-use development brings intensity and diversity (access required)

Historically, all development was mixed-use. Residential, agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing uses occurred in close proximity. People lived and worked in the same place. Economic considerations and limited transportation options inherently produced compact and mixed-use development. Transportation improvements and modern zoning ...

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Urban renewal agencies help finance mixed-use projects (access required)

City officials around Idaho are beginning to view mixed-use development as a strategic way to increase downtown populations in order to help businesses. But because those projects can have difficulty finding financing, many cities help with the costs. One of ...

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Mixed-use development renews an original design for cities (access required)

The idea of mixed-use development is as old as the human community. For hundreds of thousands of years, people have conducted business from a dwelling that doubled as a storefront or workshop. Yet “mixed-use development” has gained national currency in ...

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Mixed-use has a long history in Pocatello (access required)

With federal land to the east and west, previously part of the Fort Hall Reservation, Pocatello is essentially landlocked. Pocatello has a history of lot subdividing to meet the once-growing housing demand of the railroad. A city lot in the ...

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Idaho Falls sets the pace with mixed-use development at Snake River Landing (access required)

Idaho’s largest, most diverse mixed-use development may well be across the river from historic downtown Idaho Falls. Snake River Landing in the past 15 years has converted a former gravel pit with some 300,000 square feet of Class A office/commercial ...

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McCall seeks ways to encourage mixed-use development

When Mike Maciaszek set out to build his home in McCall, he looked for a downtown space on Payette Lake. He quickly realized that with zoning on the downtown lakeshore limited to commercial buildings, he’d have to put up a ...

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The time is right for low-water fixtures in Idaho (access required)

All is not so good when it comes to water in Idaho. Groundwater reserves, contained in layers of rock known as aquifers, peaked in the 1950s and have been dropping ever since. It looks like some of the other water-related ...

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