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Idaho Business Review staff writer Teya Vitu moved to Boise in the summer of 2014 and noticed right away that downtown is a place where it’s a pleasure to do business. Vitu, who had just spent more than a decade in Tucson, saw Boise as a source of pride to locals and an important engine for the state’s economy.

Vitu set about writing a series that would explain how Boise’s leaders came up with a plan to rebuild a downtown that had seen extensive demolitions in the 1960s and 1970s. In bi-weekly installments,he outlined the plan for rebuilding the downtown that was commissioned by the city’s prescient leaders in 1985. He described how these leaders, and their successors, closely followed this plan to create a busy, healthy city that is one of the most liveable in the country.

Vitu found the process of learning about downtown Boise illuminating. He quickly met the visionaries responsible for the city’s success. Having seen what Boiseans have accomplished from a 1985 plan, he’s looking forward to seeing how the next 30 years unfold.

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  1. It’s just amazing that 3 years in Boise gives Mr. Vitu any experience to cut down one of the oldest most trusted businesses in Boise…Tucson? Now there’s a city with an infrastructure issue and you were very quick to cut down a very small piece of Boise history. Boise was my home for 68 years so I can say for sure I have the utmost respect for Matt Thornton at Parks Auto Body…and no respect for you…I’m outside of Tucson now…please keep any “forward thinking” ideas you have from Tucson to bring to Boise. As for IBR? I’m ashamed of the basis of this article…The Alley? With trash cans? And especially disturbing is the fact that you boasted Matt Thornton on your Under 40 list!! I’d sue you for slander…

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