Submit Top Projects

Idaho Business Review’s Top Projects 2020 honors the top construction projects in Idaho, completed between January 2019 and May of 2020. The program tells the stories and shows the impact of top projects from around Idaho.

This premier awards program offers exclusive opportunities to promote your firm or product to the region’s best construction, engineering and architectural firms.

Click here to access the Google Form application.

Completed submissions are expected year round, but will be due for judging June 12, 2020.

Awards go to the top three projects, as determined by an independent jury of industry leaders in design, engineering and construction, in the following five categories:

— Private building
— Public building
— Infrastructure/utility
— Transportation
— Renovation

The program will also include a People’s Choice Award in each category. Voting takes place live at the event, and every project nominated will be on display. Bring your team to network and bring home the award!

Project requirements:

— The project must have been built in Idaho.
— The project must have been completed between Jan. 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020.
— There is no limit to the number of projects each firm or person can submit.
— The project must be commercial but can multi-family apartment, senior living and condominium complexes.
— Project building costs must be valued at $1 million or more in construction costs. This does not include land or other costs.

Questions? Email Rebecca Palmer at rpalmer@idahobusinessreview.com or call 208-639-3530. And good luck!