Idaho Outlook Indicator

The Idaho Business Review’s Idaho Outlook Indicator is a quarterly index designed to measure the overall sentiment of local industries in their current state, as well as the anticipated outlook over the next six months. This is measured through the survey participant’s confidence, or lack thereof, in three areas – business conditions, employment conditions and revenue – both now and as expected in six months.

We hope that you, our readers, will take a moment each quarter to fill out the brief survey.

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outlook-indicator-logoEach quarter, IBR staff will request participation in the anonymous survey, and then publish the overall index reading, the present index reading, the future index reading and some other key findings from the results. The indicator will provide a snapshot of local industry professionals’ opinions that can be measured against the previous quarter and eventually the previous year. In addition, we will break down information by industry type, company size and region to get a better idea of pain points and growth areas. Ultimately, the data will be a tool that can help you make better informed business decisions.

All firms in the state are invited to participate. Anyone can take the survey, no matter what position you hold within your company, or whether you’re a subscriber to the Idaho Business Review or not. You’ll be allowed to take the survey once a quarter, and we hope you take it each and every quarter and share the link with your industry colleagues. The more results we have, the better the data we can provide you!

All entries are 100 percent anonymous, and we won’t ask for your name, company or email.

Are you interested in exclusive sponsorship of the Idaho Outlook Indicator? In addition to consistent, exclusive branding, you’ll be allowed to add three questions to the survey each month, with data provided exclusively to you.

Please email Web Editor Erika Sather-Smith at esather-smith@idahobusinessreview.com with questions.