Boise State University’s Newly Launched Resort and Hospitality Management Program

Boise State University’s Newly Launched Resort and Hospitality Management Program

When education meets Industry; an effort to strengthen Idaho’s hospitality and tourism talent pipeline

Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics lives by its values of inspiring purpose, growing people, creating knowledge and powering innovation. These core values are supported through the college’s history of being highly connected to, supportive of and supported by the business community. When there was a direct need and ask from the Idaho mountain resorts and the local Boise hospitality industry for a program to develop and grow hospitality professionals, the College of Business and Economics knew it was the right place to house a new program.

Idaho’s Natural and Growing Industry

Tourism is Idaho’s third largest industry and continues to grow at a record pace. Idaho’s leisure and recreation jobs sector grew 7.5% in 2021, and according to the Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho is one of a few places whose tourism and recreation industry has fully rebounded from COVID-19. The draw to Idaho’s outdoor recreation attractions, local community events like Treefort Music Festival and the growing hotel and restaurant options brings many in-state and out-of-state travelers. The high growth and momentum provide an opportunity for education and the industry to develop and strengthen the industry workforce and create a sustainable program benefiting students and the local Idaho industry and beyond.

The Launch of the online Resort & Hospitality Management Program

In January of 2023, Boise State University proudly launched the Resort and Hospitality Management program in response to the demand. This program is delivered fully online and is designed to prepare students for a management career. Students can access and complete the program in two ways: 1) as a degree emphasis within the online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management, or 2) as a certificate that can be completed in as few as two semesters.

This seven-course program will examine various aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry, including courses focused on thought leadership, sales & marketing and training development and law as well as necessary business skills in management and accounting. Students will also develop knowledge and practical experience through bespoke and unique internship opportunities to prepare them to be a leader in hospitality and tourism.

Program Benefits:

  1. Practical Industry Experience

This program has been created in partnership with local tourism organizations and leaders ranging from resorts nestled in the Payette National Forest to local Boise hotels and restaurants. The program is based on the belief that practical application and hands-on experiences in the classroom will allow Boise State University’s Resort and Hospitality Management students to build a solid foundation for their future career growth and success.

  1. Personalization

The success and student experience during the program is a top priority within the College of Business and Economics. Student support for admissions, advising, financial aid & scholarships, internship placement and career advice is offered for students throughout their time in the program and beyond. A  dedicated staff member is consistently engaging with our students and the industry to ensure that students are offered unique, customized and paid internship opportunities.

  1. Flexibility

This program was designed to meet the needs of every student; whether they are a traditional on-site college student, a motivated online learner or a passionate working professional. The flexibility provides accessibility to anyone locally or nationally,  eager to learn and willing to invest in their personal development. Delivered fully online and asynchronously, our courses are taught by passionate and driven professors and industry experts and follow an engaging online model to keep students on track during their courses.

  1. Confidence & Professionalism

This program will allow students to gain the confidence and professionalism needed to excel in their careers within the hospitality industry. The program courses are designed to give students confidence in their skill set needed to grow in their job, as well as the professionalism experienced through their internships.

  1. Affordability

A partnership with Idaho Launch offers Idaho residents enrolled in the certificate program a 90% tuition reimbursement grant for training and education programs. Boise State offers a number of scholarships, military benefits, employer reimbursements and financial aid for students enrolled in the degree program.

Paid Internship Opportunities

Intentional partnerships throughout the industry have been created to be able to offer students unique and paid industry opportunities. Students will complete the program with all of the skills and practical experience needed to step into their first management role or pursue their career track into more senior positions. By fostering a strong community and connection between Boise State students and local Idaho hospitality, we aspire to transform the industry through a level of professionalism and dedication, while presenting Idaho as a top destination for a career in resorts and hospitality.

Partnering with Industry

As noted, our program has worked closely with industry partners and is welcoming to any resort or hospitality business who would like to contribute their suggestions and feedback. Additionally, the Resort and Hospitality program encourages industry engagement in providing a variety of opportunities, such as:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Sponsoring or hosting on-site or virtual community events
  • Scholarships
  • Donations or financial support

For more information about Boise State’s Resort and Hospitality Management program, please contact Ashley Walter at [email protected].