Transforming Education to Enhance Economic and Workforce Development

Transforming Education to Enhance Economic and Workforce Development

Boise State University has a long history of engaging with the corporate community to create measurable impact. At Boise State, education is not a commodity, but a transformational pathway to prosperity for businesses, individuals and the state. Boise State believes that when businesses thrive and individuals prosper, it makes Idaho a great place to live, work and do business.

Boise State Corporate Connections

The modern business landscape is dynamic and rapidly evolving. With the growth of the semiconductor industry in Idaho, companies are competing fiercely to attract and retain skilled workers across all sectors. They are also seeking innovative ways to expand and grow their businesses while staying competitive and retaining top talent. Recent experience with clients throughout the state has shown that a relationship-based, transformational approach that places the client at the center of the effort can address their needs more effectively than traditional transactional approaches. To this end, Boise State’s Corporate Connections program is an education consultancy where faculty and staff provide education and training opportunities that enhance economic and workforce development in the communities we serve. Through consultations with business partners, we build programs and services that address the needs of the local and regional workforce.

Corporate Connections has four key goals:

  1. Build stronger businesses through powerful educational partnerships that help attract and retain the best talent.
  2. Provide high-quality training opportunities that move the entire organization forward as employees grow and contribute new and innovative ideas.
  3. Advance individuals and families through accessible education and high-quality employment outcomes.
  4. Enhance the economic and social vitality of the communities we collectively serve.

The program ensures that the education and training opportunities provided address the specific needs of the business, the employees and the broader community by providing access to Boise State’s robust online courses and programs and customized professional development.

Online Programs at Boise State University

Boise State’s online courses and programs are designed with students in mind, offering dedicated student support, flexible schedules and comprehensive student services–all at an affordable price. Boise State’s Corporate Connections program provides access to nearly 100 fully online programs and 800+ unique online courses, providing flexibility and affordability for students. Courses are taught by the same expert faculty who teach on-campus, ensuring that students receive high-quality instruction and personalized support. Boise State’s online programs have been consistently ranked among the best in the nation and have been recognized by U.S News & World Report.

Custom Professional Development

In addition to online education, Boise State’s Corporate Connections program offers professional development courses, tailored to the needs of the individual, the team and the organization. Taught by faculty who are seasoned professionals with deep experience in their respective fields, they develop course content designed to be immediately applicable in the workplace. This material is offered as both open enrollment and customized courses and is available in a variety of formats from in-person to online, or even delivered on-site to your organization. Corporate Connections works with partners through open-access options or exclusive agreements.

The open-access option is available to anyone without a contractual arrangement. Through this option, Boise State’s expert team works with clients to identify the courses or programs that most closely align with their needs. The exclusive agreement option creates direct support channels between the university and the organization, allowing maximum efficiency in employee benefit processes, improved marketing impact and direct support to employees who may be interested in participating.

Future-Proof Your Workforce

Boise State’s Corporate Connections program is agile, responsive and able to engage with emerging industries and sectors throughout the region. With its commitment to building innovative, valuable educational partnerships and attention to the specific needs of businesses and individuals, Corporate Connections is poised to make significant contributions to the Idaho communities we all serve.

View our list of professional development opportunities or contact us to learn more about custom programming.