Intelligent Office expands its office space offerings in Boise

Father and son Roy and Joe Eiguren in one of Intelligent Office's conference rooms for hire.
Roy, right, and Joe Eiguren in one of Intelligent Office’s conference rooms for hire. Photo by Catie Clark

The owners of Intelligent Office wanted to hold an open house in March to mark the expansion of their Intelligent Office franchise, but the COVID-19 pandemic canceled their plans for it.

“If I can’t hold a real open house, then maybe we can have a virtual open house to showcase our virtual office services and our office expansion,” co-owner Roy Eiguren remarked. “Take a lot of pictures.”

Intelligent Office just expanded by 2,600 square feet of Class A office space for a total of 7,136. It is located on the 14th floor of Eighth and Main in downtown Boise, better known as the Zions Bank Building with its iconic LED-lit spire.

It added one conference room and a row of offices, all with a view of either the Westside and Linen District or of the Boise Centre and the Riverside district. Regardless whether an office is in the pre-existing space or in the expanded space, every one of them has a view.

The company sells a variety of both physical and virtual office services for those who don’t need the staffing and overhead of full-time office space. Offerings include phone answering and other administrative functions, offices by the day or month, conference rooms and mailboxes.

One of the office spaces for rent by day or month at Boise's Intelligent Office in the Zion Bank Building.
One of the office spaces for rent by day or month at Boise’s Intelligent Office in the Zions Bank Building. Photo by Catie Clark

“We sell virtual offices services for those who need a business presence, but not a full-time physical office and staff and the overhead that goes with it,” co-owner Joe Eiguren explained. “That includes administrative functions like answering the phone or scheduling appointments. Depending on what a customer needs, we can charge by the day or by the hour. It’s all on a pay-as-you-go basis.

“We have physical services, like providing a mailbox and a mailing address at one of Boise’s most famous office buildings. And we have offices and conference rooms available by the hour or longer. We have both packages of bundled services and a la carte.”

The firm has four conference rooms with large flat-screen monitors for presentations. Two of the conference rooms can merge to create one large room in their place, seating up to 12.

Ali Trumbo mans the front desk at Intelligent Office in Boise.
Ali Trumbo mans the front desk at Intelligent Office in Boise. Photo by Catie Clark

The office staff of four is shared among the firm’s clients. They can receive clients’ customers, answer phones, schedule appointments, handle customer inquiries, take orders and perform routine secretarial services. They work in a shared lobby space that also includes a reception area for clients’ guests.

Intelligent Office started in 1995 and is headquartered in the Denver area. The company has over 60 franchises in the United States and Canada. The local Boise franchise is owned by the father and son team of Roy and Joe Eiguren. Roy has long been a major figure in the Treasure Valley legal community. Joe is a partner in a Boise-based financial management firm.

“We wanted to have a business together,” Roy explained. “We saw an opportunity with Intelligent Office and opened up in our original space of 4,500 square feet five and a half years ago, in the fall of 2014.”

He added, “We still will hold an open house to celebrate our expansion when this virus crisis goes away — maybe this summer, I hope.”