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BYU-Idaho students do projects for businesses and countries around the world (access required)

Students at Brigham Young University-Idaho can work directly with companies and governments across the country or even the world without leaving Rexburg. The nonprofit Research & Business Development Center in Rexburg lines up projects with large companies and small, local ...

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New apartments sprout all over Rexburg (access required)

photo of apartment construction

Drive around Rexburg and it only takes a few seconds to come upon another apartment construction project. In a city with a 2017 population of 28,377, Rexburg since 2013 has seen construction starts for 30 apartment complexes with 2,020 units ...

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Rexburg seeks to build a new airport

Rexburg is charting a course to build a new airport that would accommodate larger corporate and cargo aircraft and move air  operations away from Main Street and the freeway. The city of Rexburg in early July approved a location for ...

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Mixed-use project will bring retail, office, student housing to Rexburg (access required)

Rexburg-based Hemming Corp. will start construction in April on a mixed-use project with 200,000 square feet of commercial and office space plus student housing for single and married students attending Brigham Young University-Idaho one block to the east. Hemming Cedars ...

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California sandwich chain Togo’s arrives in Rexburg (access required)

Just about anywhere in California, you can find a Togo’s Eateries, a San Jose-based sandwich shop chain billed as “A West Coast Original.” A few are in Oregon, but get beyond the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, and Togo’s right now ...

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