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Thrift stores change with the times

Idaho technology companies aren’t the only ones looking to Silicon Valley for inspiration. Two years ago, a team of leaders from the Idaho Youth Ranch, which helps pay for its social services programs through revenues from its two dozen second-hand ...

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Research leads retail interior trends

New research is yielding data that helps us determine how retailers can best meet shoppers’ emotional and behavioral needs. Preferences change over time, and retail interior design needs to change all the time too. Market changes, such as a growth ...

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Independent retailers are the city’s ambassadors

Independent retailers are driven by a passion for the products that are available in their stores and the needs of the community they live in. At our shop, every book on our shelves is there because someone on our staff ...

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How stores click with shoppers in internet age (access required)

At some Neiman Marcus stores nationwide, dressing rooms are equipped with digital “memory mirrors” that can record an eight-second video of shoppers when they try on clothing. It’s not for security purposes. Shoppers can get a 360-degree view of the ...

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Farm stands thrive as culture changes (access required)

Payette farmer Galen Crawford has made a good living by selling melons, squash and pumpkins to major retailers, such as Walmart, Albertsons and WinCo Foods. This year, however, Crawford has placed greater emphasis on removing the middleman, selling more produce ...

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KLNB’s Menick: Online retailers are boosting brick and mortar (access required)

Online retailers are finding growth opportunities in an unexpected place: the traditional brick-and-mortar retail store. After years of dire predictions about the future of actual stores, Marc A. Menick, president of the KLNB commercial real estate company in Washington, D.C., ...

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