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First 100 Days

The First 100 Days

The Idaho Business Review is holding a three-part webinar series exploring the federal administration.

The First 100 Days will have exclusive sponsors participating in each panel discussion, moderated by a representative from the presenting sponsor’s company. Content, provided by our sponsors, will publish in the Idaho Business Review the week of each scheduled webinar.

First 100 Days: Health Care
February 16, 2021

In a large part, the new administration was elected based on the promise to preserve the Affordable Care Act and to tackle COVID-19. With record number cases, nationally and locally, how will he control COVID-19?

Will vaccines be distributed fairly and expeditiously? Industry experts share their views on how this will affect Idaho business.


Mike Reynoldson
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for Blue Cross of Idaho

Mike Reynoldson is the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for Blue Cross of Idaho, based in Meridian, Idaho.  In this position he serves as a legislative advisor and government affairs contact to the federal and state government, the Idaho Legislature and local government throughout Idaho.  In addition, he oversees the media relations activities for the company.

Reynoldson began with Blue Cross of Idaho in February of 2015.  He has 28 years of experience as a public policy and political professional and previously served in similar positions for both Micron Technology, Inc. and Qwest Communications based in Idaho.

Reynoldson has extensive experience in the state and national political arena having worked for the Republican National Committee, serving as Executive Director of the Idaho Republican Party, and as the Campaign Manager for U S Senator Larry Craig’s 1996 re-election.

In Idaho, Reynoldson has supported several community organizations as a board member including: The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho, the Idaho Governor’s Cup, Buy Idaho, the Idaho Technology Association, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the BSU Foundation.

Reynoldson grew up in Parma, Idaho and graduated from Boise State University in 1990 with a degree in Marketing.  At home, he and his wife Laurie are the proud parents of two yellow Labradors – 14-year-old Hank and 3-year-old Theo.

First 100 Days: Taxes and Finance
March 23, 2021

The new administration promises to roll back some of the tax cuts and elimination of imposed regulations. How will this affect the country and Idaho? And how will businesses react? Our expert panel will discuss the possibilities.

First 100 Days: Business in Idaho
April 13, 2021

Before COVID-19, Idaho led the nation in economic growth, and recovered faster than many states.

But many businesses struggling to recover from COVID-19 and its economic disruption have pleaded with the federal government to create a new round of stimulus packages, both to help businesses weather the situation and to help consumers continue to spend money. Industry experts share their views on the potential for the state’s continued growth and weigh in on what sectors could benefit most.


Rob Graham
Account Manager, Express Employment Pros

“I love that working at Express, I do nothing but help people, make friends and somehow earn a living from that!” – Rob

Rob joined the Treasure Valley, Idaho team in October 2019 from a military leadership background. Growing up on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, when it was a coastal country town, Rob spent lots of time outdoors, doing what country kids do best. Rob spent over 15 years serving Australia in their military. 2 Years in the Australian Army Artillery before moving over to the Royal Australian Air Force as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, specializing in Avionics. Having traveled the world on exercises and combat deployments, Rob brings a diverse experience to our team. Rob quickly got involved in numerous community and business groups within in our region to better serve our community and businesses. Rob currently serves on the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors as Chairman Elect, slated to move to the Chairman of the Board, January 2022.

When not at work, Rob enjoys being outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing.

“Courage isn’t vacant of fear, it’s facing the issue in the midst of that fear.” – General George Patton

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Join us for an Experts Forum Webinar Series and learn from a panel of professionals representing legal, finance, strategic planning, and business services to help you prepare for your next business transition.

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Aug. 25, 10am-11am

Webinar 1: When is it the right time to sell?

Sept. 8, 10am-11am

Webinar 2: Preparing your business to sell

Sept. 22, 10am-11am

Webinar 3: Structuring the sell

Oct. 13, 10am-11am

Webinar 4: Negotiating Final Agreements


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September 24th 10AM-11AM

Riding the wave to Online Education

During a time of change, resiliency and the unknown, we must expand our minds and evolve with the waves.

Join us on a discussion around bridging the skill gap for existing and prospective employees, tools and resources available with online education, traditional universities shifting to an online platform with curriculum, and the different ways companies can benefit from offering tuition reimbursement and multifaceted learning advancement programs within their organizations.

MSML Strategic Partnerships Manager
Western Governors University

Inspired by the mission to improve lives and strengthen communities through the power of education, Megan Dibb joined Western Governors University in 2013. As a Strategic Partnerships Manager for Idaho and the Northwest Region, Megan works closely with employers and thought leaders to ensure the online, nonprofit university supplies accredited, relevant degree programs the modern workforce demands. In addition, she assists prospective students and guides them toward learning resources designed to grow their knowledge and skills – and open new doors of professional opportunity.

Prior to that role, Megan served as WGU’s Scholarships Strategy Manager. She led the development and execution of scholarship programs awarding nearly $16 million to more than 8,000 individuals – and removing critical barriers to student success.

Megan earned a Master of Science in Management and Leadership from WGU and a Bachelor of Science in Gender Studies from the University of Utah. She has served as a Board Member for Lutheran Social Services of Utah and a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Mothers Without Borders.

PANELIST: Tonya M. Drake, Ph.D.
Regional Vice President, Northwest
Chancellor, WGU Washington

Tonya M. Drake, Ph.D. – Regional Vice President, Northwest – Chancellor, WGU Washington

A leader in higher learning, Dr. Tonya Drake has dedicated her career to expanding access to high-quality, career-focused education. Named Chancellor of WGU Washington in 2018, she has guided the nonprofit, online university to new levels of success: WGU Washington now enrolls nearly 13,000 fulltime students, has granted more than 21,000 bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and has been awarded the 2018 Silver Award for Job Training by Seattle Business magazine.

To replicate the university’s positive impact and connect more individuals with in-demand learning opportunities, Drake became WGU’s Regional Vice President for the Northwest in September 2019. She holds that position in addition to her duties as Chancellor and oversees the university’s strategic direction in nine states: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Drake has a strong commitment to learning and student success. Her work is guided by the belief that higher learning transforms lives and deep convictions rooted in equity and inclusion. She has more than 25 years of experience in higher education, including most recently as the Vice President for College Relations and Advancement at Edmonds Community College. Drake has held leadership positions at Shoreline Community College, Maricopa Community College District, Arizona Board of Regents, Arizona State University, and the University of Washington.

Drake holds a Ph.D. in Education Leadership and Policy Studies and Master of Education from Arizona State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Business from University of Washington, and an associate degree from Lower Columbia College.

Drake earned the Certificate of Leader Development for National Security and Strategy from the National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College. She served as keynote speaker at the Global Leadership Summit in South Africa on the topic of “Deconstructing Race” and received the Outstanding Administrator Award from the Associated Students of Edmonds Community College. In 2019, she was named among Seattle Business magazine’s “Daring Women.”

PANELIST: Denise Aberle-Cannata
College of Western Idaho

Denise Aberle-Cannata
College of Western Idaho

Joining College of Western Idaho (CWI) in early 2019 as Provost, Denise Aberle-Cannata has been a leader in continuing to carry the College forward in transformative education, promoting campus diversity and inclusion, and using key technology and educational resources to encourage pioneering instructional methods. Committed to providing students with education and service at the highest quality level, Cannata believes CWI is and will continue to be the community college leader in delivering quality education and training in the state of Idaho. Serving more than 31,000 students, she has led forward-thinking campus initiatives at CWI on retention and student experience, expansion of business and industry partnerships for credit and non-credit programs, and new multi-learning modalities to support students’ needs in an ever-changing educational landscape.

Cannata holds a Master of Science in Education from University of North Dakota. Prior to CWI, Cannata served in several leadership roles at higher education institutions across Colorado, New Jersey, and North Dakota. Starting her higher ed work in the community college sector at Bismark State College, she was a pioneer in creating online courses and degrees for the institution. As the first institution to launch energy degrees online, Cannata’s work resulted in several partnerships between the College and the energy sector designed to help replenish the workforce and establish the National Energy Center of Excellence.

Working in higher education for more than 20 years, Cannata has helped drive student excellence, institutional sustainability, and distance education initiatives with programs to meet institutions’ short- and long-term strategic visions. Her work is characterized by data-driven decision making, strength-based leadership, and development of dynamic, higher education programs and services that align with an institution’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Sumi Sankaran-Deal, MBA
Training Manager & Co-Chair
POWER Women’s Network

PANELIST: Sumi Sankaran-Deal, MBA
Training Manager & Co-Chair
POWER Women’s Network

Sumi Sankaran-Deal is a seasoned human resources and training specialist with over 18 years of experience in leadership development, learning management systems development, strategic planning, and project management. She has managed the entire process for building learning programs including conducting needs assessments, designing and delivering content, to measuring effectiveness at the conclusion of the programs. Sumi has managed projects, some international, with teams and budgets of varying sizes, keeping multiple stakeholders informed on team progress in meeting strategic goals.

PANELIST: Christine Stoll,
M.S. Executive Director
IDeal – Idaho College Savings Program

Christine has a passion for helping people find what fills their buckets.  Working in the fields of education planning and savings for over twenty years she’s collaborated with educators, families, financial professionals and lawmakers to educate and successfully initiate and shape policy and progressive programs to do just that.

Her broad view of the unique strengths and challenges surrounding the education and savings systems has aided her work in curriculum writing, career software expansion, college, career and technical education development, 529 savings and public policy. Christine believes these efforts have positively impacted how families achieve their dreams of future education goals.

  • 20-years in the education field, including 7-years in the education-financial services industry
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology and Human Resources, a minor in Human Resource Management from Boise State University
  • Masters of Science, Instructional Performance and Technology from Boise State University.




Past Experts Forums

Aug. 20, 10am-11am

Mental Health Beyond the Curve

During the current pandemic — a time of isolation, disconnection and solitude — our daily lives are significantly changed as our movements are restricted in efforts to contain and slow down
the spread of the virus. Facing new realities of working from home, home-schooling children, temporary unemployment, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues, it is important that we look after our mental, as well as our physical, health. This webinar will help provide strategies for staying productive in our personal and professional lives during this difficult time.

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