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Electronic signature sufficient for supporting deposition

Every summer, during the course of conducting research for the annual update to the book I co-author with Judge Karen Morris, “Criminal Law in New York,” I often come across cases that offer an interesting take on the intersection of ...

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Can a business owner require staffers to get vaccinated?

Small business owners worried about the spread of measles may want to be sure their staffers have been vaccinated, but before issuing any orders, they should speak with a labor law attorney or human resources consultant. An employer generally is ...

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How Idaho ushered in the largest regulatory cuts in state history

When I took office as Idaho’s 33rd Governor in January, I was determined to follow through on my promise to reduce regulatory burdens on Idaho citizens and businesses. Six months later, we have cut or simplified 40% of Idaho regulations! ...

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Makerspaces essential solution to job gap

When it comes to finding skilled workers to fill the estimated 7.5 million job openings in the U.S., small businesses are feeling the crunch. In today’s unprecedented booming economy, our region’s small employers are searching for qualified workers to fill ...

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