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A note from the editor Sept. 17

photo of alx stevens

Construction, architectural design and other stakeholders have announced a variety of developments this week, as is evident in our focus section. Ball Ventures Ahlquist (BVA) continues to make headlines, in not one but two stories this week. The company announced ...

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AIC responds to House leadership op-ed 

City leaders read with great interest the editorial opinion from the Idaho House of Representatives leadership challenging cities to use one-time government aid to reduce city budgets in the upcoming year. Apparently, our leadership team in the House of Representatives doesn’t know that city budgets were ...

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A new possible in education 

The fire burned for four straight days, scorching thousands of acres in the foothills north of Boise. Hundreds of homes were evacuated. Flooding and mudslides threatened the city in the aftermath of the blaze.  This year marks 25 years since ...

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A note from the editor Sept. 10

It’s fitting our focus section this week aligns with one of the fastest-changing news topics to date: COVID-19. This week, our intrepid reporter Catie Clark looks at how a vaccination requirement (or lack thereof) in nursing homes and other caregiving facilities could ...

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