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Simple controls can protect your small business against fraud

Small business is the backbone of the country’s economy, and the Gem State is no exception. Idaho’s small businesses account for 96.6 percent of all business in the state and employ nearly 300,000 workers. Unfortunately, small businesses are twice as ...

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Boise traffic: An economist’s view

Recently my sons and I collected golf balls in the foothills near our neighborhood. Golf balls? Yep. Lots of them. I counted 36, but my 10-year-old son assured me that the number was closer to 50. Who cares about golf ...

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States are racing to catch up to autonomous vehicle technology (access required)

The Oregon Legislature has established a task force to make recommendations for regulating operations of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on state roadways. Composed of government, industry and consumer stakeholders, the task force is to report in September on policies and rules ...

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New rule may soon solve joint employment dilemma (access required)

You know who your employees are. Or do you? Due to some expansive National Labor Relations Board cases and aggressive government investigators, union officials and plaintiffs’ attorneys, you may be employing people and not even know about it. That’s because ...

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Helping employees ensure they are paid: A new federal pilot program (access required)

I often wonder how business owners sleep at night. Providing healthcare, growing a client base and finding and keeping good employees are all issues that likely cause owners and managers to toss and turn. One question that may not run ...

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Help mitigate life insurance fraud (access required)

While there’s likely no way to ultimately ensure your clients won’t be victims of fraud, there are a few things to be done that may help prevent it, as well as assist in recovery efforts if they’re victims. Recent fraud ...

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