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Is unlimited paid time off panacea or pitfall? We’re trying it

Quick: How do you think our team members responded when we announced we were going to give unlimited paid time off (PTO) a try? If you’re like me, you’re thinking there were wild cheers, hooting and hollering, and maybe even ...

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The importance of becoming a worthy collaborator

A team’s capacity to deliver impacts a client’s experiences, an employer’s reputation, operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and profitability. Resilient teams are essential for organizational health. That’s why I’ve been working with clients to develop stronger and more adept teams. In ...

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Relaxing the rules for business writing (access required)

Some live by the saying “rules are meant to be broken,” while others follow rules to the letter. Grammar gurus and lawyers alike typically fall into the latter camp. After all, the rules of writing, style and grammar are there ...

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Make politics local again!

Why vote? Why bother, especially in “odd-year” elections like this one, when local candidates and issues are the only items on the ballot? People used to say, “All politics is local,” but in fact, voting participation rates keep dropping, especially ...

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