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The future of work in Idaho

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and they will have to adapt to change in their careers more than any other generation before them. In a word, they will have to be agile. Technological advances and the anticipated automation of more ...

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The power of diverse perspectives

According to economist and author Scott Paige, “When we solve problems with generally one perspective, we build an error rate of 30%.” An example of this error occurred in the car industry. Previously, teams responsible for testing car safety were ...

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In 2019, lawyers are using mobile and cloud computing more than ever

A little over a decade ago, the mobile revolution was launched when the iPhone was released in 2007. Just one year earlier, Amazon rolled out its first cloud computing service: Amazon EC2. Now, in 2019, many of the most popular ...

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An insider’s guide to Boise Startup Week’s Grow Track

If you’re a business owner, achieving consistent and sustainable growth is likely a key goal for your company. Scaling a business can lead to exciting opportunities, but it’s important to be prepared for the challenges that will arise along the ...

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Suicide in construction an unspoken crisis (access required)

While discussing safety in most of my previous columns, my focus has been on traditional safety-related matters: work zone safety, accident prevention, workplace safety, and similar topics. This month’s column is going to take a different turn. About a year ...

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Three ways to take the wheel on charitable giving

With external dynamics like tax reform and the rise of socially responsible investing shifting the philanthropy landscape, there are more ways than ever for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals to make an impact in their community. Wanting to give back is one ...

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