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The power of leading from your strengths

After spending much of my life helping people connect to their roots through Ancestry.com, my current calling is helping individuals, workplaces and communities attain their brightest futures. Many people have heard about the CliftonStrengths Finder, but many do not truly ...

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‘Why Are You Afraid of a Vote?’

Those were the words of one of the sponsors of HB217, which passed out of committee last week, on to the full Idaho House of Representatives. The bill would further restrict the Local Economic Development Act, the main funding tool ...

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Want a summer intern? Now’s the time to be recruiting

Small business owners who are thinking about hiring summer interns need to get busy — many young people are looking for opportunities now. Many colleges and universities hold job fairs in the winter and early spring. But even if it’s ...

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Implementation of the Music Modernization Act: Copyright Office issues solicitation for Mechanical Licensing Collective

Signed into law on Oct. 11, 2018, the Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (MMA) reforms U.S. Copyright law in significant ways that will affect the licensing of digital music. Pursuant to pre-MMA copyright law, “mechanical” licenses for reproduction ...

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Money Management: Rule number one – not all ETFs are created equal

An exchange traded fund is a cross between stock and indexed mutual funds. You can purchase them through brokers and they are traded on exchanges just like stocks. They represent a basket of holdings that are designed to track a ...

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