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A note from the editor

photo of sharon fisher

Sharon Fisher

“How many legs does a horse have if you call a tail a leg?”


“Nope, four. Calling a tail a leg don’t make it so.”

I’ve been thinking about that old joke a lot listening to the Idaho Legislature this week, which has been declaring the emergency is over, there’s no longer a pandemic and so on.

Gov. Brad Little is getting testy about it, too, and he gave the Legislature an old-fashioned dressing down, which should make the rest of the session interesting. One legislator, Rep. Chad Christensen, is vowing to impeach Little. (You can see Little’s text in our commentary section).

So far, Idaho businesses are standing behind the governor.

Perhaps legislators think it’s like clapping for Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. If we believe really, really hard, everything will go back to normal and we won’t have to wear masks or socially distance ever again.

But like the horse’s tail, calling the pandemic over don’t make it so.


In other news, it seems to be a big week for tech. Our Q&A this week is with Joe White of the U.K. In addition to being Consul-General for San Francisco, which includes Idaho, he’s also the U.K.’s technology envoy to the U.S., based on his experience in the entrepreneurial community.

Our intrepid staff writer Catie Clark — who, as I love to remind people, has a doctorate in geology — wrote about Midas Gold signing an agreement to clean up the Stibnite Mine Project, including some waste it didn’t even create.

Our trusty freelancer Alx Stevens wrote about a fruit-picking robot from Northwest Nazarene University, work at the University of Idaho and Idaho National Laboratory to develop nuclear power for the moon and a project between INL and POWER Engineers to help protect our electrical grid from hackers.

In addition, Catie also wrote about economist John Mitchell’s annual discussion of economic conditions in northern Idaho. Interestingly, Kootenai County appears to be lagging behind the rest of the state.


Our Focus section this week is on health care. Golly, what will we write about?

Actually, Catie spent this week with the transparency websites hospitals are now required to provide, intended to make it easier to comparison-shop for non-emergency care. As it turns out, they’re having some growing pains.

We also wrote about the Rockefeller Foundation giving Crush the Curve Idaho $200,000 to distribute smart thermometers to schools.

Catie also wrote about Idaho’s vaccination program, working its way through health care staffers and teachers. If there’s anything where we’ll be able to clap our hands and make this all go away, it’ll be widespread vaccination.


Finally, the Idaho Business Review has hired a new editor, Lauren Bonneau, who is scheduled to start February 8. We look forward to her joining us.

—Sharon Fisher is interim editor of the Idaho Business Review. For another week, anyway.

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