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Author Archives: Sharon Fisher

Washington state proposes taxing Idahoans. It doesn’t end well (access required)

fastest growing state

Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.  Especially if that tree is in another state.  It’s not unusual for governments to look for ways to tax people who aren’t state residents, because, for one reason, ...

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3D printers take up former locomotive manufacturing space  (access required)

A building that used to house locomotive manufacturing will now house 2,000 3D printers instead.  Slant 3D, on its second expansion in two years, has taken over the Motive Power Inc. space in southeast Boise near Micron, and is moving ...

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Broadband internet comes to Lincoln County  (access required)

It took being out on transmission towers on blizzards in December, but Lincoln County residents finally have high-speed broadband internet access. “3,000 of our 5,200 residents are severely underserved,” said Rebecca Wood, county commissioner and board chair. “This project was ...

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‘Dig once’ bill moving forward  (access required)

photo of emmett fiber optic trench

A bill making its way through the Idaho Legislature would make it easier to provide high-speed broadband internet, but some stakeholders think it could be more flexible.  House Bill 640 creates a “dig once” policy in Idaho. Such a policy, ...

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2 state minimum wage bills stuck in legislative limbo  (access required)

Two Idaho legislators have introduced bills regarding the state minimum wage that are unlikely to progress this session. And at least one of the legislators is fine with that.  “I think bills are like seeds,” said Sen. Grant Burgoyne, D-Boise, ...

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Say, whatever happened with that data center sales tax exemption?  (access required)

Remember the data center sales tax exemption? A bill the Idaho Legislature passed in 2020 was intended to exempt data center equipment from sales tax, thus drawing them to set up shop in Idaho. So where are they?  The background ...

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What’s happening with master planned communities in Idaho? (access required)

Master planned communities in Idaho date back to the 19th century, but cities and counties today are grappling with their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s the current status of master planned communities in Idaho. What is a master planned community? Part ...

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The long, strange trip to medical marijuana legalization in Idaho  (access required)

A bill to legalize a pharmaceutical derivative of marijuana is moving through the Legislature. House Bill (HB) 446, which legalizes nabiximols — medications treating neuropathic pain for multiple sclerosis sufferers — upon Federal Drug Administration approval, passed the House on Jan. ...

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NNU receives grant to stimulate economics education  (access required)

Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) has been awarded a $1 million educational grant from the Smeed Memorial Foundation to create an education center dedicated to teaching the classical principles of free-market economics, with classes intended to start in the fall.  The ...

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Building a construction technology industry (access required)

As with many other industries, residential construction is turning to technology and automation to deal with product demand coupled with a lack of skilled workers. Organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders have reported worker shortages in from ...

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