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A note from the editor Oct. 1

Happy first day of October! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard “I can’t believe it’s October,” including coming from me. We hope you all enjoy this month that promises beautiful fall colors, clear and sunny skies and opportunities — virtual or in-person — to celebrate  happenings in your community.

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Alx Stevens

As you’ll see in this week’s edition, there are a number of organizations enjoying significant milestones, from the City of Ketchum “uncoupling the hose” for its new fire station (in our Biz ‘Bites’ section) to the Idaho Nonprofit Center celebrating its 20th anniversary. You can find out more about what plans the organization has for the future in a Q&A with the new CEO.

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is also recognizing its accomplishment of developing plans and securing funding for a new building around the state’s Anne Frank Memorial. You can find photos and information about a full (virtual) tour of the plans in this edition. And, as detailed in our transportation focus section, Valley Regional Transit is celebrating four new electric buses, to be on routes this month.

We at Idaho Business Review also did some celebrating as we honored our annual Women of the Year honorees Sept. 30. Our Woman of the Year is announced in our special, inserted publication, and a recap of event highlights is planned for next week’s edition.

But wait, there’s more.

Sharon Fisher expertly shared highlights of a new, unique offering from Walgreens, and a writer you may recognize from our special publications, Brooke Strickland, contributed news about Boise Nice Project conducting a survey to see if the city is living up to its reputation. Many who move here seem to think so; do you agree?

Lastly, but not least importantly, our intrepid writer Catie Clark is covering an ongoing issue in Sandpoint: how to develop property around one of its central creek setbacks. She gathered that the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission recommends sending city staff members back to the drawing board to figure things out.

One last thing: There is still time to join us for our final Breakfast Series event. You can register for the Oct. 5 event that will explore what’s happening in office life through our website or social media channels.

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at astevens@idahobusinessreview.com.

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