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It’s time to get serious about fraud prevention (access required)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the largest data breach in American history, the data breach of the medical group, Anthem. This breach alone compromised at least 80 million records including Social Security numbers to the underworld of cybercrime. If that ...

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Protect your businesses from a Target-type breach Part II

This is the second of a two-part column aimed at helping businesses understand how they can shore up their security when accepting credit/debit card payments. Previously I shared the basics of a credit card breach, the liabilities you may face ...

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Not all online tracking is bad

Lately we’ve seen a lot of news stories about the National Security Agency’s program for tracking phone records, Internet searches and Facebook pages. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have decried and supported the practice, constitutionalists are debating over ...

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Taxing online sales is a bad idea

I heard a rumor today that made me cringe. Rumors usually have a sliver of truth but I hope this one doesn’t. Apparently, the idea of collecting sales taxes from Internet businesses in Idaho is still alive in the Idaho ...

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Ideas for solving the software developer shortage – Part II

Last week, I introduced a three-phase approach to solving the software developer shortage in Idaho. I said we should create a pathway for bringing more students into the computer sciences field and bring Idaho’s technology-based economy into the 21st century. ...

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Idaho companies are vulnerable to online fraud

Until you understand the risks associated with fraudulent online behavior, your business stands on shaky ground, even in Idaho. Analysts that track online trends reported e-commerce grew by a healthy 16 percent in 2011, an impressive increase. But that increase ...

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