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Author Archives: Sen. Jim Risch

Our economy is poised for a comeback…if we only let it

Whenever I visit a small business around Idaho, I ask them, “What is the greatest challenge you face?” For years, the most common response was the IRS or burdensome government regulations. Last year, business owners cited the pandemic. Now almost ...

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As U.S. debt rises, Washington, D.C. should look to Idaho

Despite falling COVID-19 case counts; Despite President Biden’s assurances of bipartisan cooperation; Despite $1,000,000,000,000.00 ($1 trillion) in unspent COVID-19 aid across the country from previous relief bills; Democrats have passed a $1,900,000,000,000.00 ($1.9 trillion) COVID-19 spending plan through Congress without ...

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After SolarWinds hack, the U.S. must prioritize cybersecurity

December’s revelation that U.S. government agencies and our largest corporations were subject to a hyper-sophisticated cyberattack was not unexpected, but the breadth of the SolarWinds hack was shocking. FireEye, a world leader on cybersecurity, stated the company had never witnessed ...

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Strong cybersecurity strategy not a luxury for small business (access required)

After several difficult months plagued by coronavirus, small business owners across the country are preparing for the day they can finally and permanently reopen their doors. The pandemic has seriously impacted the health of businesses everywhere, and for most employers, ...

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Now more than ever, Idaho’s farmers need our support

Farming is not famed for its predictability. Every season, farmers and ranchers brace for the unknown: unforeseeable weather, difficult growing conditions, volatile markets and a multitude of other challenges that can deliver a windfall harvest, or 12 hard months of ...

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The key to continuing Idaho’s economic success: empower women business owners

Women entrepreneurs are key to Idaho’s economic success, driving much of the extraordinary economic growth Idaho has experienced over the last decade. In the last two years, 621 new women-owned businesses have opened their doors in the state of Idaho, ...

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